Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart Review

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Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart is a part of my recent Morphe haul. I wear lip liner every day underneath my actual lip color – bullet lipstick or a liquid lipstick. I am always on the lookout for awesome performing lip liners at affordable prices. This liner by Morphe is marketed as a product that can be used both as an eyeliner and a lip liner. I have tested capacity as a lip liner but could not dare to use it as an eyeliner because I do not like to use multipurpose products on my eyes. So, here comes the review on Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart.

Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart tip

Product Description:
Get a hold of our creamy Color Pencils for powerfully pigmented color that glides on and slays on. From on-point neutrals to beyond-bold gems, you’ll never run out of ways to line and define your eyes and lips. Go on and draw some attention your way. We dare you.

My Experience with Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart:

The product comes in a sharpen-able pencil form. It has a wooden, pencil-like tube that holds the product and an opaque, plastic cap to protect it. The pencil seems well made and not a lot of product is wasted during sharpening. The quantity of the product is appropriate for the price paid and the product will last at least a month after regular use.

Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart shade label

As I have mentioned before, I enjoy trying new products from Morphe. It is a brand that has been made popular by several youtube makeup gurus. It has some amazing makeup products and that is why I am I always on the lookout of their new launches. In the past, I have tried and reviewed several makeup products from Morphe and most of them have performed well and received good reviews from me. The products from this brand perform well, they are affordable and do not harm my skin.

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Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart

This product is advertised as a multi-purpose makeup product. It can be used as an eye primer to create perfect eye look by smudging a darker/lighter shade across the lid and blending up to the crease. It can be used to define lips by lining above natural lip line and tapering in as one reaches the corners of the lips. It can be used to plump up the lower lip by lining outside the center of the bottom lip. It can be used to create an ombre lip by grabbing two different colored pencils. The darker shade will define the lip line and the lighter one will fill in for a highlight.

Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart on lips

The staying power is good and does not really fade as the day progresses, but it does vanish a little when I check my reflection in the mirror before I remove my makeup. This product does not crumble or flake, does not irritate my skin, but it needs to be reapplied after a few hours to maintain the opacity and intensity of the color. The color of the lip liner is defined as creamy cocoa and appears darker on the website, but in person, it’s more n*de than cocoa, and on my skin tone, it appears pale than on those with fair skin tones. Overall, I am fond of this lip liner, it increases the wear time of the lip product on top and I do recommend it.

Pros of Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart:

  • Affordable, worth a try for those who love to dabble with affordable yet well-peforming makeup.
  • This product does not crumble or flake, does not irritate skin.
  • Can be applied on lips with minimal tug and pull, can be used as an eyeliner as well.
  • Does not require multiple coats to reveal full intensity of colors – just a couple of coats are sufficient.
  • Comes in several other variants because all liners by Morphe are advertised as lip and eye liners and there are some fun colors to try out as well.

Cons of Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart:

  • The color is a bit misleading on the website – it is paler in person than shown on the website. On my face it appears unflattering and has to layered with a darker color.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Morphe Color Pencil Sweetheart?
I recommend this product to those who love to dabble with affordable lip/eye makeup. It is a well performing and comfortable to wear. It is definitely worth the price for the money paid. The color is a bit pale for my skin tone and should be layered with a darker color. For fair skin tone it is a perfect n*de lip color.
IMBB Rating:

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