Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush Review

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Hi everyone,

Today I will be reviewing E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush from my recent haul from Morphe. This is my last brush from my haul, so let’s see how this brush performed.

Price: $16.99
Product Description:
Luxurious, fluffy powder brush that tapers to a defined point to sweep on powder precisely where you want it. It’s perfect for diffusing a highly pigmented blush or blending away harsh lines. Synthetic Bristles.
Bristles: 1 3/4″
Full Length: 7 5/8″

My Experience with Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush:

Previously, I was using Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek for applying blush. I liked the performance but there were some fallout issues during washing. I also used Coastal Scents Classic Large Powder Brush Synthetic for applying my blush. It is good but still I wanted a perfect blusher brush, which is fluffy and soft on the skin, and does not come with any fallout issue. So, I decided to buy this brush.

This brush comes with the “Elite II Brush Collection”. The brush has a tapered black handle and a chrome plate to hold the bristles. The bristles of this brush are synthetic, but still soft against the skin. The brush is sturdy and long enough, hence it gives a good control during application of the blush. It doesn’t deposit too much colour on the cheek.

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Morphe E3 is a tapered tulip shaped powder brush. It is a nice fluffy and soft brush. The bristles of this brush are not so densely packed, hence help in picking up the right amount of blush. This brush gives a natural flush to the cheeks without making you look like a clown. It does not have any scratchy feel and blends the product well and there is no streaky application.

I have used this brush with cream and powder blushes and it blends the products really well without any streaky finish. This brush can also be used for contouring and bronzing the face. Since it has a tapered shape it can be used to set the under eyes and also for powdering the whole face. I have washed this brush and there is no bleeding or shedding of bristles. It retains its original shape upon drying. Overall, I love the performance of this brush.

Pros of Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush:

⦁ Sturdy and long.
⦁ Bristles are soft and not too dense.
⦁ Synthetic bristles.
⦁ Soft against the skin.
⦁ Picks up the right amount of product.
⦁ Blends the product well onto the skin.
⦁ Does not give any streaky application.
⦁ Gives a natural flush to the cheeks.
⦁ It is a multipurpose brush.
⦁ No shedding or bleeding of bristles.
⦁ Retains its original shape upon drying.

Cons of Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush:

⦁ Availability.
⦁ Bit expensive when compared to other brushes.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush?

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