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Makeup tools are imperative in achieving a flawless makeup look. One of my go-to brands for good quality and affordable makeup brushes is Morphe. They have many variants from different ranges. Today let’s talk about one of their best seller makeup brush. This is from their Gunmetal collection.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review

Price: $9.99
Product Description:
The Gunmetal version of one of our most popular brushes. A wide brush with a flat edge for designed to create the perfect contours. Blends out cream products effortlessly with ultra silky and luxurious synthetic bristles.
Bristles: 1 5/8″
Full Length: 6 3/8″

My Experience with Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush:

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Brush

Being a makeup artist, I own a lot of makeup brushes and always on the lookout for more. I am literally obsessed with buying new and interesting makeup tools. I love the Morphe brushes especially the Gunmetal range. The only problem is the availability of Morphe products in UAE. Have to purchase from resellers who sell it for almost double the price as compared to the official Morphe website.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Name

Contouring is a makeup game which is perfected over time with practice and trial and error. Of course, there is a technique involved and tips and tricks which help achieve the perfectly contoured chiseled look!

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Handle

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush makes our life easier. The shape of this brush is such that it fits right into the hollows of the cheeks and glides over to create that perfect shadow below the cheeks. It is a good brush for beginners who need guidance with respect to the contour line of the face.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Front

The brush is a full-length brush with a flat top. It comes with synthetic bristles which are densely packed and feathery soft. I love metallic handle which makes it look very classy. But, the handle is a bit thick and I would have definitely preferred a comparatively thinner handle because that gives a better grip and hence easier to use. The brush feels quite sturdy though slightly heavy. I have already washed it a couple of times but haven’t noticed any shedding of the bristles as such. The cleaning process of this brush is smooth and manageable.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Brush Side

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Brush Side Two

The Morphe G30 Contour brush works best with cream contours as compared to powder contour. However, it can be used for powder contour products too, I would suggest with a slightly lighter hand though.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Bristles

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Bristles Top

The shape of this contour brush is very well thought of and advantageous to the purpose of contouring the face. It glides easily below the cheeks and over the jawline, however, it’s a little thick for contouring the nose. I would suggest using a thinner brush for nose contour instead.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review In hand

Overall, it’s a fabulous brush in terms of the usage, quality, and affordability. I am glad I purchased it and would definitely recommend this brush if you love to contour like me.

Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush Review Bristles Show

Pros of Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush:

• Perfect shape of the brush
• Easy to use
• Densely packed bristles
• Feathery soft bristles
• No shedding
• Easy to clean
• Looks classy

Cons of Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush:

• Unavailability
• Thick handle
• Not a multipurpose brush

IMBB Rating:
Will I Repurchase Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush?
Yes, though I expect this one to last me a couple of years! I totally recommend this brush.

Until next time guys! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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