Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush Review

As I have mentioned in my previous reviews of Morphe products, I have done a huge haul from Morphe recently. In this post, I am reviewing M138 Round Contour Brush. Read on for more details on this makeup brush.

Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush full brush

Product Description:
The perfect shape to fit in the crease and blend out shadows like a dream.
Bristle Type: Sable

Bristles: 3/8″

Full Length: 5 1/8″

My Experience with Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush:

I am not a pro at eye makeup, but I sure like to hoard a ton of makeup brushes although I barely use most of them. Most of the time, I find myself reaching for the same brushes again and again and rarely try out uniquely-shaped brushes. Brushes which are shaped like Morphe 138 lie in the latter category.

Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush handle

Round chiseled brushes like Morphe M138 with densely packed bristles are meant to blend eyeshadow in the eye sockets because they fit perfectly into the eye crease. This brush does fit snugly into the crease, but since the bristles are so densely packed, it tugs on my skin and I face this issue with all brushes that are shaped like M138.

Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush bristles

Although all the makeup gurus swear that such a shaped brush is essential for flawless blending of eyeshadow, I always find them hard to use because of the pulling and tugging my eyelids go through while I use them. Perhaps I lack the skill to use these kinds of brushes.

Another use of such a brush is to blend the eyeshadow on the lower water line and in the inner corner of the eyes. This is another area I fail to get the desired results because when I try to blend khol into lower water line with this brush, I just end up with racoon eyes. Again, I think I lack the appropriate skill to use this brush.

Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush head

M138 brush is not meant for me, but I guess someone with better skill and put it to a good use. It has tiny, tightly packed, sable bristles. It has a medium-sized stem attached to a metal case to hold the bristles firmly in place. It can also be used to brighten up the inner corner of the eyes by adding a smidge of bright eye shadow to this region and can be used to define the eyebrows by applying a bright cream eyeshadow around them. It can also be used to blend some leftover eyeshadow on the water line but I would try that only with a light color eye shadow or else I end up with racoon eyes. This brush is easy to clean (I use rubbing alcohol for spot cleaning or mild dish cleaning detergent for deep cleaning), it does not shed and does not feel cheaply made.

Pros of Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush:

  • A very affordable makeup brush, available online or in Morphe or Ulta retail stores.
  • Like the last couple of Moprhe brushes that I have reviewed, this brush’s bristles are made up of an artificial material that’s easy to clean and does not shed.
  • With appropriate skill, it can be used to blend eyeshadow in the crease or on the lower waterline.
  • Can also be used in the inner corner of the eyes to brighten the eyes.

Cons of Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush:

  • Availability can be an issue for some. Consumers outside USA might have to use third-party seller to buy Morphe products and might be forced to pay higher than the actual retail price.
  • This particular shape of the brush is a little tricky for me to use because it tugs on my skin when I use it to blend eyeshadows.

Would I Recommend Morphe M138 Round Contour Brush?
This brush is not meant for me because perhaps I lack the skill to use it properly but since so many makeup artists swear by such brushes, I do recommend it to more skilled makeup connoisseurs.
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