Morphe M213 Smudger Brush Review

This tiny beauty is one of my most favorite eye brushes. For the past two months, I have been gradually building up my makeup brush collection and to do that I have been trying and reviewing Morphe brushes. I buy them based on reviews and recommendations and as per the availability. In this post, I am reviewing a brush bought after a recommendation from a YouTube beauty guru. I adore her eye makeup and sometimes try to imitate her looks. She has a whole set of recommended brushes, but buying them all together is expensive, so I have been buying them as and when I find some petty cash. This brush comes highly recommended by her and rightly so.

Morphe M213 Smudger Brush Review

Price: $2
Product Description:
The perfect brush to run under the lower lash line for a smokey eye effect. The compact size makes it ideal for smudging and blending out liners and shadows.

Bristle Type: Sable
Bristles: 1/4″
Full Length: 7″

My Experience with Morphe M213 Smudger Brush:

This brush, as its name suggests, is meant for smudging and blending. It comes in the form of a long, skinny 7-inch stem in the matte black finish. The bristles are dark brown in color with ombre effect and are tightly held in a silver metal casing. The photo of this Morphe brush on the official website is accurate, which is unusual for Morphe because most products’ photos on the website are a bit misleading.

Morphe M213 Smudger Brush Packaging

The bristles are cut in shape of half a disk and are really tiny in size. This brush has a high density of bristles which are barely ¼” in length and this is the perfect size to safely blend dark shades on the waterline without going overboard and accidentally making eye makeup ‘racoon-like’ instead of ‘smokey’. The bristles are made up of sable and I prefer that over natural bristles as they absorb more product because of pores in them.

Morphe M213 Smudger Brush

This brush can be used as is to blend kohl in the water line and create a soft smokey effect. It can be used to pick up a tiny amount of dark eyeshadow to apply a tinge of dark color on the lids (close to lash) since some do not prefer a well-defined eyeliner look. With tiny color on the bristles, it can be used to blend kohl in the water line and create the “Kareena Kapoor” eye look that we all covet.

Morphe M213 Smudger Brush Handle

All the Morphe brushes are easy to clean (I use rubbing alcohol for spot cleaning or mild dish cleaning detergent for deep cleaning), do not shed and do not feel cheaply made. Since the bristles are made of a natural material they lose their shape a little after a few washes but they still perform just as well.

Morphe M213 Smudger Brush Bristles

Pros of Morphe M213 Smudger Brush:

• A very affordable makeup brush
• Available online or in retail stores
• Has perfect size bristles
• Ideal to blend color in the waterline
• Bristles are held in a silver metal case and the stem is long and well-made
• Can also be used to apply glitter in the inner corners of the eyes or dark eyeshadow or gel eyeliner, on the lids, close to lashes

Cons of Morphe M213 Smudger Brush:

• Unavailability can be an issue for some.
• More of a speciality brush and is not very versatile

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Verdict: This makeup brush by Morphe is a good eye makeup brush and I use it every day to blend my kohl in my lashes. It is affordable, well-made and easy to clean.

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