Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Review

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I bought over 20 makeup brushes as part of my Morphe makeup haul. Youtube makeup gurus rave a lot about this brand, so decided to give it a try. Although I went a little overboard with my shopping, I have no regrets so far. This article is the review of one of the several brushes I bought as part of my haul.

Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Review

Product Description:
Eyeshadow will not look its best unless its blended and this brush is fluffy and rounded to seamlessly create the look you’re going for.
Bristle Type: Sable
Bristles: 3/4″
Full Length: 6″


My Experience with Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush:

I bought the brush M218 by Morphe because, I spend a lot of time blending my eye shadows and a good blending brush speeds up the process a little. It has densely packed bristles which are tightly held by a metal case. The bristles are not tightly packed into the metal case and fluff out on the end. It has a “poofy” tail appearance and hence it has the word “fluff” in its description. The bristles are made up of an artificial material which is preferable for me because, natural bristles absorb more product since it has pores in them. Also, I find it easier to clean an artificial bristled brush.

Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Brush Name

Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Flat Side

This brush can be used in several ways. I use the flat sides of it to pack on powder or glitter eye shadows on my lids and use its fluffier end to blend it into my eye crease. It is perfect to blend a transition color into my eye socket and prep my eye lids for further layering of colors. The fluffier end can also be used to apply high lighter on the browbone or inner corner of the eyes to brighten it up. Some daring and more experienced people can also use it to blend some leftover eyeshadow on it on the water line but I would not dare to do it or else, I will end up with racoon eyes. Apart from eye area, it can also be used to contour nose to give it a more chiseled appearance, apply highlighter on the cheek bones and on collar bones.

Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Ferrule

Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Fluffy side

Most makeup brushes especially those for eye makeup can be used in several ways. They can be used on eyelids, under eyes, brow bones, high points of face, for face and nose contouring and so on. This brush is very versatile and is easy to clean (I use rubbing alcohol for spot cleaning or mild dish cleaning detergent for deep cleaning). It does not shed and does not feel cheaply made.

Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush Bristles End

Pros of Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush:

  • Affordable and is available online or in Morphe or Ulta retail stores.
  • Bristles are made up of an artificial material and are easy to clean and do not shed.
  • Since it is made of an artificial material, it does not absorb products and hence, no product wastage.
  • Picks up good amount of product and can be used to pack on eyeshadow on the lids.
  • Versatile as it can be used on eye lids or eye area and can also be used on the high points and hollows of the face.

Cons of Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush:

  • Availability can be an issue for some. Consumers outside USA might have to use third party seller to buy Morphe products and might be forced to pay higher than the actual retail price.
  • This fluff brush can be too large for some and if not used right, it can lead to excess product application. So, it needs a little skill.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5
Do I Recommend Morphe M218 Blending Fluff Brush?
This makeup brush by Morphe is a good versatile makeup brush. It can be used for eye or face makeup and is worth the price. I do recommend it to the readers who love to blend their eye shadows seamlessly and possess the skill to do so.

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