Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Review

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying and reviewing Morphe products. In this post, I am reviewing a brush bought after a recommendation from a YouTube beauty guru – Jaclyn Hill. I adore her eye makeup and sometimes, I try to imitate her looks. She has a whole set of recommended brushes but buying them all together is expensive so, I have been buying them as and when I find some petty cash or as they become available in my local Ulta. This brush comes highly recommended by her and rightly so.

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Review

Product Description:
Full, pointed blending brush for controlled application of color.
Bristles: 3/4″
Full Length: 7′


My Experience with Morphe R37 Pointed Blender:

This brush, as its name suggests is meant for blending and has a pointed end. It comes in the form of a long 7-inch stem in matte black finish. The bristles are white in color and tightly held in a rose gold color metal casing. The photo of Morphe products on the website is a bit misleading. The eye shadow colors are not accurate and brush shapes are a bit misleading. This brush, on the website, appears to have a “fanned out” appearance rather than pointed. I prefer the later and is perfect for blending a transition shade or a darker shade in the eye socket.

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Full brush

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This brush has high density of bristles which are tightly held by a metallic case. The bristles are made up of goat hair. Although I prefer artificial material since natural bristled brush absorbs more product because of presence of pores in them, but this brush works well without any product wastage.

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Handle

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Brush Name

It is meant for blending a transition shade or a darker shade in the eye socket, but I also use this brush to pick up some loose or pressed powder eye shadow and press it on my lids. It works the best if the eye lids are prepped with a primer or a cream eyeshadow underneath or else the loose powder fall all over the place and ruin the eye makeup underneath the eye. It can also be used to pick glitter pigments and pack on the lids, but I guess this needs more skill than usual eye shadow blending. This step can be done before the rest of the face makeup is done to prevent the base makeup from getting spoiled.

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Tip

All the Morphe brushes are easy to clean (I use rubbing alcohol for spot cleaning or mild dish cleaning detergent for deep cleaning), it does not shed and does not feel cheaply made. Since the bristles are made of a natural material, they lose their shape a little after a few washes, but they still perform just as well.

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Bristles

Pros of Morphe R37 Pointed Blender:

  • Very affordable makeup brush and is available online or in Morphe or Ulta retail stores.
  • Fluffy with pointed edge and is perfect for blending a transition shade or a dark color eye shadow.
  • Bristles are held in a rose gold metal case and it gives it an elegant, expensive appearance.
  • Can also be used to apply glitter eyeshadow on lids.
  • Can also be used to apply highlighter on high points of face.

Cons of Morphe R37 Pointed Blender:

  • Availability can be an issue for some. Consumers outside USA might have to use third party seller to buy Morphe products and might be forced to pay higher than the actual retail price.
  • Since it is made of a natural material, it losses it shape after frequent washing, but still performs well.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Do I Recommend Morphe R37 Pointed Blender?
This makeup brush by Morphe is a good eye makeup brush to apply eye shadow and pigments on lids. It is affordable and easy to clean and will make a good addition to a makeup brush collection.

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