Most Common Base-Makeup Questions Answered

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I’d like to try a little powder bronzer, but I’m not sure where to apply it

Bronzer gives a healthy warm glow to the skin. You can start by sweeping a blush brush across the bronzer, and tap off the excess. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks, making circular motions toward the temples and also dust a bit over the bridge of your nose. Just keep in mind to use a lighter hand while applying bronzer.

When I use concealer, is it OK to skip foundation?

If you don’t want to use foundation and want to go for concealer for spot-treatment then it is completely fine. Just make sure to use a concealer shade that is closest to your skin tone so it won’t look patchy on your face.

Can I wear foundation every day? How do I stop it from slipping off?

You can always wear foundation; just make sure to wear a really good primer. A primer will act as a base for your makeup to glide on smoothly and will also keep it on for longer intervals.

What is the most foolproof way to cover up a blemish with makeup?

Use a small tapered brush to spot touch over the red area then tap on and feather out the edges until they disappear into your skin. Try not to actually touch the red area as to not lift the foundation.

How do you avoid cakey flaking patches of foundation throughout the day?

face spray

Our skin’s pH changes throughout the day; so use a balancing moisturizer, good primer and a makeup setting spray to avoid cakey flaking patches of foundation.

How do I keep my foundation from separating on my face as I have dry skin but oily T-zone?

Start by moisturizing your face especially cheeks with hydrating moisturizer and use a mattifying primer through the centre of your face.

Do I always need to wear powder with foundation?

Powders are needed to seal in the foundation and control the shine on the face. If you are aiming for a luminous and dewy look then you can definitely skip the powder.

Can I wear bronzer all year round?

Yes you can go for a sheer buildable coverage to wear your bronzer all year round. For the winter months you can mix your bronzer and a little loose powder to sheer the color out for a soft, natural finish.

Do I apply my concealer or foundation first?

This is completely your choice. You can try both techniques and find out which one looks the most natural and gives a flawless finish.

What should I use to keep my makeup on longer?

apply primer

Primer up ladies! You will be amazed at how much your makeup will last without any streaky finishes or those patches with the use of a primer.

In what order do you do make up?

eye shadow application

Do your eyes first as there will be fallout from your eye shadow. Then use your base makeup and finish off by doing your lips.

Is foundation too heavy to wear at night time on holidays in the summer heat?

Your foundation will most likely slip off after a day in the sun. So you can definitely opt for a BB or a CC cream that will last longer and will not be as heavy.

What are a few makeup tips for women with oily skin?

Keep blotting tissues handy, use an Oil-free primer, a long-wear and oil-free liquid foundation, high coverage concealer and a translucent powder to set everything well.

What’s the difference between a tinted moisturizer and a light foundation?

A tinted moisturizer, like an un-tinted one, delivers humectants along with iron oxides and possibly titanium dioxide at about 3 percent to deposit color while a foundation contains iron oxides and titanium dioxide in the range of 14 to 15 percent, which delivers more color to the skin. So a light foundation gives a more polished look to the skin.

What’s the best way to apply foundation?

applying makeup with sponge

There’s no best way to apply foundation. Try them all from sponges to makeup brushes and even your fingers. You might have used brushes to apply foundation but you won’t know how your foundation will look with a makeup sponge. So try and test different ways and stick to the one that works for you.

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