Is Movie Theater Popcorn Good For Weight Loss?

Whether you love watching a funny rom-com or an exciting thriller at the movie theater, a tub (or sometimes two) of crunchy, buttery popcorn is a must have! We have to admit it – theater popcorn tastes the best and try as you may, you would not be able to “pop” the same kind of tastebud-tickling version at home inside a pressure cooker. At the movie theater, you can take your pick from the classic butter salted version, to spicy Mexican cheese, caramel, even tiramisu and tandoori! Since popcorn is considered a light and low-calorie snack, we do not even think twice while picking it up, especially while watching a 2-1/2 hour long Bollywood movie. So, if you are trying to lose weight and on a diet, we know you would like to find out whether movie theater popcorn is actually good for your goals. So, let’s find out:

Is Movie Theater Popcorn Good For Weight Loss

The Truth About Movie Theater Popcorn

A tub of popcorn is not something you would even consider remotely unhealthy or high in calories, but startling findings regarding these flavourful butterfly-shaped popcorns have come out. A finding has revealed that crunchy theater popcorn that you love munching on while sitting at the edge of the seat can have anywhere around 400 to 1200 calories, along with ingredients like artificial color and high sodium content.

A study revealed that a medium-sized popcorn and soda combination at one of the most popular theater chain in the United States, has an unbelievable 1610 calories with around 60 grams of saturated fat! Can you believe it! Some other theaters served 430 calories and 20 gm fat in a medium-sized tub. Another popular chain of movie theater, offers a large popcorn tub, has 1030 calories and 41 gm of fat, that too without butter! And before we forget, popcorn tends to taste butter with soft drinks/soda while watching a movie, and if you are trying to lose weight, you may pick diet soda, which is no good either.

People often wonder why popcorn at the theater tastes so much better than anywhere else – the secret lies in the ingredients used. Though butter and cheese are some predictable ones, the oil used is either coconut or canola oil. The salt used is also of a different variety – it’s called flavacol, which is a butter-flavoured seasoning salt to tickle the tastebuds. Also, a lot of theaters don’t actually use butter, they in fact use “butter flavoured oil,” which is not just high in calories, it’s extremely unhealthy too.

Also, at a few places, artificial flavor and color added to give the popcorn a distinct flavour and color.

With the popularity of OTT platforms, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, people watching movies from the comfort of their home, can now order theater popcorn from food-delivery apps, and here goes two such listing with calorie count mentioned:

1. Fresh and crunchy gourmet popcorn tossed in generous amount of tasty cheddar cheese. Served with coke – 70 gm – Energy: 271.78 kcal.

2. Salted Large Popcorn – 55 gm – 212 calories.

Summing up, popcorn available at cinema theater is not just high in calories, most of them have ingredients that are bad for overall health as well. Do avoid this particular variety of popcorn when you are on a weight loss diet to maintain calorie deficit and burn extra fat. However, there’s no need to say completely swear off popcorn because roasted popcorn, made at home with kernels, can be had as a low-calorie treat high fiber treat. You can even make it spicy by adding olive oil, salt, cumin, and chilli powder. Most importantly, if weight loss is on your mind, join our 6-Week Speed Slim Challenge on the Rati Beauty app

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