MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

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I am back with a lip product and this time, it is a lip balm from MUA. It is MUA’s Sweet Sheen ‘Cherry Bomb’ Lip Balm. I picked up ‘Peach Dream’ along with it which I will be reviewing shortly. Read to know how this cherry beauty turned out to be!

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review4

Product Description:
MUA’s sweet sheen is a soft balm that moisturizes whilst also adding a subtle shimmer of colour to your lips!

550 INR /2 euros for 2.8 g

Shelf Life:
3 years

My Experience with MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

For starters, ‘Cherry Bomb’ was out and out a good lip balm on an overall basis in my experience. It can score for the plum pink color, the coverage it gives for a lip balm, and the classy semi-matte texture which is neither too shiny nor strictly matte. Also, it would work best for fairly medium pigmented lips and can suit Indian skin tones. So, we can all do a happy dance everyday. It is expensive for a lip balm and for the quantity offered with no SPF. It comes second to Baby Lips, but is similar in terms of pigmentation.

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

It would score with me or anybody else more for the color. The plum based pink and for a tinted lip balm, it offers a decent pigmentation, like I mentioned above. It can serve to be the next best alternative to Baby Lips. The advantage it can have over Baby Lips is its ultra lightweight lip product for a lip balm, and also the plum family is not what Baby Lips is famous for. I am any day a ‘Baby Lips’ fan and my loyalties lie with them, be it Electro Pop or Spiced Up , or the regular collection. Now, the area in which ‘babylips’ score is the SPF, price and quantity which is why this could alternative to baby lips, that is where the drift lies.

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review1

No! This review is not exactly a comparative review between MUA and Babylips. Since all of us are pretty much aware and more familiar with ‘Baby Lips’, the comparative review is for better clarity. So, with that puzzle solved for the readers and myself, let us continue and go into further details of this lip balm like the packaging, fragrance and so on. This one is definitely purse friendly, giving no room for mess, the lip balm’s bullet is sleek and the sturdy packaging. Overall, it is pretty much the same as Lakme’s Absolute lipstick collection, only that it is a little bulkier. The vanilla fragrance is the same, only that is a bit mild. Also, like a classy lipstick, these balms are not sticky. Isn’t that awesome?

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review2

MUA’s Sweet Sheen can definitely be one of your best options for an everyday lip balm given the colors they have to offer, the light weight product and the pigmentation. They have a range of 6 colors to offer being, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘Rouge Rumba’, ‘French Violet’, ‘Pink Lily’, ‘Peach Dream’ and ‘Coral Reef’. The former three would probably be the best and safest color that anyone could opt for, if you want to wear a decently pigmented lip balm alone. It would suit pretty much any skin tone. These also offer to be a great base for any kind of lip product, majorly lip glosses that are sheer with a pearly shine or shimmery glosses with very less pigmentation as these lip balms have a texture that would suit when layered with a gloss or a lip paint.

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review3

The advantage of the former three lip colors is that you can wear those colors on your lips on their own as a lip balm or pair them up with a liner or lipstick. They do not transfer much, just a wee bit which is alright. Only the lighter shades make all the bleeding and the creased lip lines obvious. It depends on the color. I hope to give the detailed review of ‘Peach Dream’ and the rest. Do not get misguided by the hand swatches, as it is just a single swatch, but the color of the lip swatches is what you can expect to out of ‘Cherry Bomb’, although I would not lie about working my lip balms round and round. So yes, these are easily more than two strokes on the lips.

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review4

I might repurchase this as the next best alternative to baby lips, may be. And, by the way, they leave no tacky flakes or shimmer behind; nothing except that they slowly fade away and it can hardly survive a drink. Also, the plum pink turns to a natural pink, and after a good meal, it is all gone. But, they are very easy to reapply; it is best to peep into your mirror to check if your lips are ready, if not, go ahead with your lipstick! 😛 Do you like pinks and purples? Do you love lip balms? Then, I say, go ahead and give it a try! *smiles*

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review5

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review7

MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review6

Pros of MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

• Sleek, purse friendly packaging – comes in a sleek yet sturdy plastic tube that looks like a lipstick
• Flavoured – carries a mild vanilla flavour
• Texture – neither too shiny nor matte
• Offers good coverage that can work even for pigmented lips
• The shape of the bullet makes application easy
• Imparts a good finish and does not allow any room for mess
• Color – as far as Cherry Bomb goes, it offers very good pigmentation for a lip balm
• Soft and very light on the lips
• Non sticky
• Does not heavily transfer, although it is not entirely transfer or kiss proof
• ‘Cherry Bomb’ does not bleed or feather on the lips
• Easy to reapply
• Great base for any lip product – lip paint/lip gloss/lip lacquer/lipstick

Cons of MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

• Availability
• Expensive for a lip balm

• Does not exactly dry your lips, but does not moisturise your lips either
• Ingredients not mentioned
• Not suitable for very dry or chapped lips and exfoliation is required before application
• No SPF
• Low staying power, i.e. 2-4 hours

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend MUA Cherry Bomb Sweet Sheen Lip Balm?
I might repurchase this plum color which is best suited for Indian skin tones ,and I recommend this for you if you can handle the cons.

The change was for good. This tinted pink-plum has spelled a cast upon me!

• Exfoliate lips for this range
• Comfortable, everyday office wear
• Pair it with lip colors – berry, plum or deep shades of the pink family
• Could be used safely without a liner
• Would be best suited lip color to start off for ombre lips, especially for beginners

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  1. Awww it’s so sheer but still look so natural and pretty on the lips. I would love to try these out for days when I wanna keep it subtle.

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