MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review

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When it comes to choosing a color for cosmetics, sometimes we don’t step out of our comfort zone to try a different shade that we haven’t tried before. I belonged to the same category and would stick to only black mascaras until I met this electrifying blue beauty. So today, I am going to review MUA Electric Blue Mascara for you all!

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review3

Product Description:
A make up must have – colored mascara, which is available in a number of eye-catching shades to create a striking effect. Long lasting and can be used alone, or as a highlight to the end of lashes on top of your normal shade.

Directions to use:
To achieve your desired look; apply the mascara to upper lashes first. Then take the brush, holding it underneath the top lashes, close to the roots and sweep the brush upwards from root to tip. To build the desired volume, add a few mascara coats. For the bottom lashes, use the tip of the brush to apply a thin layer of mascara in delicate strokes.

INR 700 (I got this for a huge discount)

Shelf Life:
3 years

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My Experience With MUA Electric Blue Mascara:

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review

MUA’s mascara comes in about eight different shades. You have amazing vibrant colors to choose from. I hadn’t tried colored mascaras earlier and this was my first attempt. These mascaras are a little pricy in India when compared to its UK price, which come for just £1.

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review1

The texture of mascara is fine gel based and not water based. These mascaras are specially designed for highlighting the tip of the lashes. It does not smudge or clump. It definitely enhances the length and volume of the eyelashes. It’s a deep royal blue color somewhat closer to ink blue. The color shows off well at the tip of the lashes and adds volume to the lashes as well.

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review2

The packaging is quite simple. The body of the mascara is in the form of a tube which comes in a cylindrical shape. You can easily detect the color of the mascara by the color of the body itself. The logo is embossed in silver on its body and description for ingredients isn’t provided. The wand is just like any other mascara’s.

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review4

The best part of the mascara is that it isn’t flaky or clumpy. The staying power of the mascara is great and it lasts for a long too. The gel based formula excels in lengthening the lashes. It perfectly curls up the lashes with just one layer and intensifies the color with second application. However, it isn’t waterproof.

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review5

In fact, the only mascara that is waterproof among all of the eight shades is the black one. Rest aren’t waterproof and come off easily when they come in contact with water. Overall, it’s a good product and my experience with this colored mascara has been great so far, as I was really looking forward to try a decent blue shade to create dazzling eye makeup.

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review6

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review12

MUA Electric Blue Mascara Review11

Moving on to its pros and cons:

Pros of MUA Electric Blue Mascara:

• Vibrant color
• Doesn’t clump
• Doesn’t flake
• Doesn’t smudge
• Adds volume to lashes
• Lengthens the lashes
• Highlights the tips well
• Staying power

Cons of MUA Electric Blue Mascara:

• Not waterproof
• Its price in India
• Description for ingredients not provided

Would I Repurchase MUA Electric Blue Mascara?
I would say yes, but i would like to try shades now.

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  1. I would also like to try out these shades, but not sure if I am ready to step out of my comfort zone yet. There is such a huge price difference, I agree. 🙁

  2. Except for the waterproof quality there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this product. If you like this, go for it Garima 🙂 I am sure you will love it too.

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