MUA Extreme Curl Mascara Review

MUA Extreme Curl Mascara Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing a mascara from MUA. It is called Extreme Curl Mascara.  I have written many product reviews, but surprisingly, I haven’t ever reviewed a mascara and that’s mainly because I am so much into my Maybelline mascara that I never thought about trying something else.  But this time, I decided to try something new (especially because it was on discount). I was looking at some products from MUA when I saw this beautiful looking mascara and I ordered it as it looked pretty.

MUA extreme curl mascara

Product Quantity:

7 ml.


Rs. 700


This mascara comes in a beautiful looking silver metallic packaging which is not perfectly round. It is actually a tear drop shaped packaging.  Since the packaging seemed so elegant to me, I ordered it.

MUA extreme curl mascara


Aqua, Acrylates, Copolylmer, Cera Alber, StearicAcid, Copernica Cerifea Cera, PVP, Clyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Propylene Glycol, Trethanolamine, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Panthenol, C1 77499.

Product Description:

Extreme Curl Mascara shapes lashes beautifully from root to tip for long-lasting curl.

MUA extreme curl mascara

My Take on MUA Extreme Curl Mascara:

Whenever I buy a mascara, I usually want it to make my lashes look bigger and fuller with no clumping and I bought this particular one with the same expectations. But this product is different from others, it’s a curling mascara, and it mainly focuses on curling the lashes and not making them look fuller or longer. For curling purpose, we all use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, but what if we can get a mascara that curls lashes? This is a product that can actually curl your lashes without even using an eyelash curler. The wand of this mascara is slightly curved which helps in easy application.

MUA extreme curl mascara

I tried using this after an eyelash curler and without an eyelash curler, and honestly speaking, I did not find a huge difference.  The one in which no curler was used looked similar to the one in which I used the curler, so it simply means that the mascara did its job well in curling my lashes.  It does not smudge, does not clump and helps the lashes to stay curled up for a decent amount of time. But for me, I need more from a mascara. I am not satisfied with the fact that it only curls and does not give the lashes any volume. This mascara feels really light, even two coats do not feel heavy.  I personally like to feel my mascara. This mascara is really very easy to remove, unlike some other ones which might take some time to come off, removing this is extremely simple. Girls who have a habit of layering two different mascaras together may love this one. This is a perfect curling mascara but does not give any length or volume. If used with high volume mascara, it can do wonders for the eyes.

MUA extreme curl mascara

Pros of MUA Extreme Curl Mascara:

  • Works differently as compared to other mascaras.
  • Curls lashes (no eye lash curler required).
  • Does not clump.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Curved wand helps in easy application.
  • Easy to remove.

Cons of MUA Extreme Curl Mascara:

  • Does not give length or volume to the lashes.
  • Must be used with some other mascara to get desired results (especially for a person like me who loves to have some volume).
  • Pricey.

Would I Repurchase MUA Extreme Curl Mascara?

No, I would not buy this product again mainly because it’s a little pricey and it does not work the way I want my mascara to work.

Do I Recommend MUA Extreme Curl Mascara?

If you want to buy something unique, then you might give it a try, but for me spending 700 bucks for something that just curls lashes is not worth it, that can be done by an eyelash curler too.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (for the work it is intended to do), overall 2.5/5

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