MUA Extreme Volume Mascara – Review

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

Hello Gorgeous ladies!

So today I’ll be reviewing my current mascara which is from MUA and its their Extreme Volume Mascara in the shade Jet Black. I have been using Maybelline Colossal Mascara for the longest time until I switched to L’oreal’s Volume Million Lashes mascara which is freaking amazing, probably the best mascara I have tried till date but then again its quite heavy on the pocket for everyday use so wanted something less expensive. What better than MUA brands if you are looking for good quality products with reasonable pricing!

Product Description:-

Extreme Volume Mascara magnifies lashes for a spectacular false- lash effect.

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara

My experience MUA Extreme Volume Mascara:

MUA extreme volume mascara retails for 2 pounds for 6ml of product. It comes in standard black mascara tube packaging, I am not fussy about mascara packaging since I want them to do their job and not look fancy. I bought this mascara since it claimed to give extra volume to eyelashes but for me it only gives length not much of volume. The wand is quite decent size and coats the lashes pretty well, I have tried using it on my bottom lashes as well and does a good job.

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara 3

I like mascara which are creamy ie neither too dry and nor too runny which take ages to dry! This mascara I found to be quite on drier side! I am not sure if its only the case with my mascara or the entire line of this mascara is dry. The color is nice black but nothing like jet black. I don’t usually curl my lashes everytime I walk out of my door since I am scared I will damage them with so much curling. So I usually apply this mascara without curling and it does give a nice boost of length to my lashes. They appear more black and lengthier but more on the natural side, nothing dramatic! It did not give any extra volume to my eyelashes or made them appear thicker so I was disappointed in that way.

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara 2

Also was not impressed by the staying power, after 4 to 5 hours somehow the mascara fades away 🙁 This is not a waterproof mascara and I usually prefer it that way. It is also very easy to remove it simply by splashing some water or any makeup remover. I like when mascara comes off easily since I find that the most tedious part of makeup removal process! Over all an average everyday wear mascara, nothing great!

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara 4

Pros of MUA Extreme Volume Mascara:

-> Decent packaging.
-> The mascara wand is good and coats well both top and bottom lashes.
-> Gives very natural look.
-> Gives nice length to the lashes.
-> Super easy to remove.
-> Stays on for 4 to 5 hours.
-> Did not irritate eyes in anyway.
-> Does not feel heavy on lashes.

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara 5

Cons of MUA Extreme Volume Mascara:

-> Very dry texture.
-> Low staying power.
-> Not jet black.
-> Does not give volume.


IMBB Rating:-



2 pounds, approx 160 INR for 6ml

Do I recommend MUA Extreme Volume Mascara?

Nope! There are much better mascaras out there but yeah if you get it on discount or if you are looking for a natural looking mascara especially a one which gives length, this is not bad 🙂

I hope the review was helpful, until next time tc and stay beautiful



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9 thoughts on “MUA Extreme Volume Mascara – Review

  1. Hey Parita Nice review… Dry texture 🙁 and Natural Looking 🙂 But over all i agree to you verdict, shall pass this one 🙂

  2. Nice detailed revu Parita..I used to feel the maybeline masacra heavy on my lash..I hope this one is good for daily use..

  3. Ur reviews are always so detailed… 🙂 I also like a creamy to dry kinda Mascara. I am currently using Burjois and i like it.. havent explored any mascara since ages now… think I should go and check some out. U havent done a EOTD since long na ?

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