MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow Review, Swatches

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Golden eye-shadows are a must-have in every girl’s vanity case, because they can be teamed up with any outfit and especially Indian women tend to add a lot of gold to their looks, because it is just so gorgeous! I love golden, makes me look nice and blingy! 😀 Most of the eye looks I wear have to have golden, so I’m always running out of my gold eye shadows!!

MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow2

MUA products have become quite popular over the years, not just because they are reasonably priced, but due to the quality they offer! I am a huge fan of the MUA range of products personally and always reach out for my Undress me too palette and the MUA brushes!  I recently laid my hands on MUA pearl eye shadow in Golden and have loved it since! Read on to know more about this Blingy Baby!!

What MUA claims: Single eye shadows that are super high pigmented, smooth and easy to apply are the must-have item from MUA.

Price: This baby is priced at 1 pound, which is super cheap for the amount of product you get.
Packaging: The golden eye shadow is packed in a round container with a transparent lid and a black botton. The lid has MUA written over it while the back has the shade name along with a few details. The packaging is pretty compact and is easy to carry around. I might have dropped it a few times by now, and I haven’t experienced any breaking of the packaging, which determines the sturdiness!

MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow1
Color: Golden is beautiful, whether light or dark, it looks amazing. The color in this tiny little pot is like real golden with more yellow undertones and makes the eye lids stand out. I like how you can team is golden up with any color for a night out look or just use it on its own for the day, it looks “fab” either ways!

Pigmentation: I do not have to stress on how amazingly pigmented the MUA eye shadows are. One swipe is all you need to get that perfect look! Use it with a primer or without it, the color is intense. The color is easy to work with as well. I totally agree with the claims made by the company when it comes to shimmery eye shadows, the matte ones tend to be a little difficult to work with and do not show up as much!

MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow3

Texture: Because I use this product a lot, I haven’t really noticed any kind of chalkiness neither have I experienced any fall-out. Fall-out turn me off completely and this product hasn’t disappointed me in this department, for a matter of fact, in any department. The color goes on the lid really smooth and is blendable.

MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow5

Lasting Power: I am not an eye-shadow person when it comes to the day, I like keeping it simple! For the night i.e, events, wedding, parties, I like intensified eyes, with dark kohl and smoked out eye-shadows, and I use this baby almost all the time. It lasts on me for 8 hours and then begins to fade, or may be it is the summer heat forcing it to wash off, anyways, I find 8 hours a good wear time, considering the price!

Pros of MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow:

  • Super affordable
  • Durable packaging
  • Beautiful golden color
  • No fall-outs
  • Good for both day/night looks
  • Smooth texture
  • Stays for eight hours
  • Insanely pigmented

Cons of MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow:

Well, I don’t feel it has any cons, because of the price I don’t think there is anything I can really complain about!

Do I recommend MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow?
Yes, I think you must always have gold eye shadow back-ups and with something like this around, I don’t think you need to think twice.!!

Would I repurchase MUA Golden Pearl Eyeshadow?
Yes, I will, I really like it!

IMBB rating: 5/5

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