MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Stolen Kisses

MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss Stolen Kisses

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The comments on MUA Intense Kisses lip gloss Kiss and Make-up increased several litres if blood in my veins *woot*. Honestly, I wanted 6 shades from the range but I could lay my hands on two only; and I know that I shall have to wait long to get the others I desire. So today’s review is about the last shade from the range, Stolen Kisses. The cute part is all the shades carry romantic names that relate to kissing :P. let’s move on to the review girls.


Product Description (from website):

The newest lip gloss in the MUA range! Intense Kisses lip gloss £2 each. They are sealed with a kiss in a high-intensity gloss which comes in a wide range of bold colours adds just the right amount of glamour to lips whether you’re strutting down the street or the red carpet. Wear alone or over your favourite MUA lipstick colour for gorgeous kissable lip effect. Now it’s time to pucker those lips up and get kissing away with your new intense MUA kiss lipgloss… MWAH! A high intensity lip gloss for any occasion! Available in 8 shades!



Not listed anywhere!

Price: $3.5 plus shipping – 5.1 ml (Made in UK)

My take on MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip gloss-Stolen Kisses:


The lip gloss tube comes sealed in a plastic wrapping. It is an attractive yet unconventional square tube, which is transparent and looks lovely while displaying the color of the lip gloss. The cap is black and sealed with a glittery little kiss. The doe foot applicator is the same as most of the lip glosses carry, ordinary but useful for applications. The cap closes safely and the size is small, making this wearable lip gloss travel friendly.

Texture and finish:

The consistency of this variant is ideal; not thick nor runny. The texture is the most adorable thing because these are not lip glosses; these tend towards lip creams. The velvety and smooth texture of the lip gloss proves to be very hydrating and moisturizing for lips. No matter you wipe it off; your lips will still feel fully moisturized. It is very light weight on lips and not at all sticky. It finishes with a lustrous sheen. If you look at the gloss in sunlight, I mean to the gloss tube, you will see extremely minute sheen particles reflecting sunlight, which are barely visible to the naked eye. So is the case that when applied, they can be seen nowhere. Hence, the final finish is glossy without any shimmer which is a plus point for me as I retrieve back from shimmery glosses. Without settling into fine lines, they don’t smudge or get messy by crossing the lip outlines. The application is easy, but you will definitely need a mirror for precise look. It is advisable to use a lip liner for outline because the doe foot applicator can make the look a bit tacky if not applied carefully.. Two swipes build full opacity and coverage, so these can be used alone or you can apply a single layer on top of lipstick to add luster.

Colour and pigmentation:

“Stolen kisses” is a shade belonging to family of dark pinks. The shade is one of the prettiest pink I have ever come across. I tried my best to catch the actual shade in camera, took swatches with two different cams but still, the right shade isn’t displayed accurately in clicks. It is purely pink rather than burgundy, as it shows in swatches. The pigmentation is crazy; one swipe deposits substantial amount of color on lips and one more finishes it off to full opacity. It has no taste and no fragrance at all.


Longevity and transfer-ability: This creamy lip gloss is slightly transferable to cutlery and goblets etc but not very terrible in leaving marks. Longevity is also good for this shade. It lasts for about 4-5 hours easily with full intensity, fades with a meal and leaves behind a pretty red stain. It fades evenly over the time.


Pros of MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip gloss-Stolen Kisses:

• High intensity pink lip gloss with crazy pigmentation.
• Very creamy, velvety and smooth texture of lip gloss.
• Moisturizing and hydrating for lips even when it is wiped off.
• Microscopic minute particles that add a slight sheen to lips.
• Opacity and full coverage in one or max two swipes.
• Add glossy finish and lustre to lips.
• No bleeding, no feathering or smudging beyond outlines.
• Fades evenly, lasting for 4-5 hours on average.
• Carries no fragrance and no taste.
• Doesn’t leave terrible marks on cups and goblets.
• Leaves behind a lovely red stain after fading.
• Small, sturdy and travel friendly packaging.
• Easy on pocket too.


Cons of MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip gloss-Stolen Kisses:

• No clue about ingredients.
• Fades with a meal though leaves behind a strong red stain.
• Precise application required for a neat look.

IMBB Rating:


Recommendation and repurchase:

This is adorable! I have no second thought about repurchasing this shade and also, all the other 4 shades which are on my wish list. There is no chance one should miss such a lovely product at this price.

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