MUA Lipstick – Shade 13 Review

MUA Lipstick – Shade 13 Review

Hello IMBB Readers,

Today, I am going to review MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick in Shade 13. This is my first red lipstick; my mom doesn’t have a single red lipstick, she has always worn the ones with brown tone. My friend got this for me from Superdrug store in Belfast along with other cosmetics and I never knew that a red lipstick can give such a glamorous feel 😛


Product Description:

Girls, there is nothing better than lipstick. Apart from maybe lipstick that costs just £1! Ok definitely lipstick that costs just £1. Don’t say we’re not good to you. Our amazing lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink and nude and are packed full of pigmentation. With just one swipe you’ll have fantastic colour pay off resulting in gorgeous lips! Why not pick a shade you’ve not tried before and get a new look? It is just £1 after all…did we already mention that?

Bright red lipstick 2

My Experience with MUA Lipstick – Shade 13:

MUA’s lipstick in Shade 13 is a beautiful bright tomato red color with slight orange undertones. The texture is very creamy and glides on lips like butter. The lipstick has a glazy matte finish. It has got an artificial scent to it which isn’t very strong and vanishes in 2-3 seconds.

Bright red lipstick 3

The shade instantly brightens up the face. The lipstick is highly pigmented and very moisturizing, but the lips need to be well exfoliated, else it looks uneven and patchy. The lipstick does settle into the fine lines but doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

Bright red lipstick 4

I don’t wear a lip liner before application of lipsticks as I never felt the need to do so and finally I had a hard time to put this red lipstick on using a lip brush. A little unevenness in the outline stands out clearly with this bright red color. One has to be very careful while drawing the outline. It is best to use a lip liner with such bright bold shades; I’m going to get a lip liner super soon.

Bright red lipstick 5

MUA’s lipstick in Shade 13 lasted on my lips for around 4 hours. Blotting helps to survive heavy meals but mellows down the brightness. The glaze goes away in an hour after application. It transfers on to everything like cup, spoon, hand, etc. The color fades away leaving a strong stain behind. The more you eat/drink the sooner it will wear off.

Bright red lipstick 6

The strong stain doesn’t go away even after using a cleanser to remove it. Ultimately, I had to use makeup remover. If you don’t like bold colors you may skip this.

Bright red lipstick 7

The packaging is great for its price with lip color in a small pot at the bottom for reference and can be unscrewed. Because of the creamy texture, the lipstick may melt and break if not kept in cool environment.

Bright red lipstick 8

Bright Red Lipstick 9

Pros of MUA Lipstick – Shade 13:

  • Bright tomato red shade that instantly brightens up the face.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Creamy texture that glides on smoothly like butter on the lips.
  • Good staying power.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.
  • Extremely economical.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • Fades away evenly leaving a strong stain behind.

Bright Red Lipstick 10

Cons of MUA Lipstick – Shade 13:

  • Transferable.
  • Settles into the fine lines of the lips.
  • Staying power depends on food/water intake.
  • Tends to melt if not kept in cool environment.
  • Availability in India.

Red Lips

IMBB Rating:


Last Word:

Despite the cons, I do not know what more to ask from a lipstick that costs just 1 pound. One can easily experiment with colors at such a price before purchasing a high-budget lipstick. A must try! *pompom*

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  1. Hot Color! and swatch… *clap* I can’t carry red lipsticks (I feel) *cry*

    Misha how many more MUA shades you have? *drool* 😛

  2. misha you are tempting everyone with the most gorgeous of shades from your collection. IIII so loveedddd the shade. And stunning lip swatch as always. *clap* *clap* *clap*

  3. Misha sweetie wt a swatch.. *clap* u always choose so beautiful and wearable shades wonderful swatches n shade as well.. *clap* *pompom* saucy hot lips wooooo.. *pompom*

  4. Ohhhhh man this shade is super stunning *woot* *woot* what a hawwwttt red colour *pompom* and awesome lip swatch as well *whistle* *whistle* *whistle*

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