MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy Review

MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy Review


Product Description:

This is another product from the MUA haul a few months back consisting of 8 products, an excellent quality product for just £1 but unfortunately, I didn’t fall in love with the shade. Let us read more about it.

Product Description:

Girls, there is nothing better than lipstick. Apart from maybe lipstick that costs just £1! Ok definitely lipstick that costs just £1. Don’t say we’re not good to you. Our amazing lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink and nude and are packed full of pigmentation. With just one swipe, you will have fantastic colour pay off resulting in gorgeous lips! Why not pick a shade you have not tried before and get a new look? It is just £1 after all…did we already mention that?

MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy 2


£1 for 3.8 gm.


Not mentioned on packaging or website.

My Take on MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy:

Packaging: I must appreciate that the packaging is great for the low price tag. The lipstick comes without a cardboard packaging but fresh pieces are sealed. The lipstick is black in color with lipstick enclosed in a silver bullet chamber. I love the small pot screwed at the bottom containing some additional lipstick, making it easily distinguishable in the makeup stash if you have more than one. I found this pot very handy for use with lip brushes. The packaging has no risks opening up in the bag.

MUA Lipstick Juicy-image03

Texture, Pigmentation and Finish:

Texture of the lipstick is smooth and creamy, glides easily on lips. Two swipes build it to full intensity. The formula is moisturizing, so no lip balm is needed.  The pigmentation of the lipstick is worth praise at this cost. It gives medium coverage with a single swipe. I think I am thoroughly satisfied with the pigmentation. However, I see that the lipstick settles into fine lines. It feels lightweight on lips. The lipstick has a semi-matte finish with glaze. It has a subtle scent that vanishes soon after application.

MUA Lipstick Juicy-image04


The colour is a cool-toned peachy pink. It gives a nice look when worn with foundation/tinted moisturizer on your face and if you are wearing pink or peach outfit, but personally, this is not my kind of shade. The worst part is that it looks like a neon shade on application. It makes me look washed out or pops out on my complexion. I think it doesn’t compliment my skin tone (medium fair). This is a shade for porcelain/fair skin tones, maybe that is the reason that this shade is mostly out of stock on the website. I combine it with a dark pink lipstick or a lip gloss and yahoo, here it goes perfectly. If worn alone, it can go well with smoky eye makeup.

MUA Lipstick Juicy-image05

MUA Lipstick Juicy-image06

Lasting Power:

Since the shade is light and coverage is medium, it lasts for hardly 2-3 hours without any meals and fades unevenly without leaving behind any stain. Also, it transfers to mugs, etc.

MUA Lipstick Juicy-image07

Pros of MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy:

  • Creamy formula with semi-matte finish.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Medium coverage.
  • Lightweight on lips.
  • Easy on pocket.

Lip Swatches:

Peach lipstick

Peach lips

Cons of MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy:

  • Settles into fine lines.
  • Transferable like most of the lipsticks.
  • Shade is for fair skin tones.
  • Fades unevenly.
  • Goes out of stock very quickly.
  • Availability outside UK is through online shopping.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Do I Recommend MUA Lipstick in shade 15 – Juicy?

Yes, I will definitely repurchase the lipstick, but in other shades and I definitely recommend purchasing MUA lipsticks as this is an excellent product and deserves some praise, but this particular shade is for very fair skin tones only.

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  1. I hate *nonono* hate lippies that settle *nonono* into fine lines..thats kinda sad..ill skip MUA lippies but the shade is attractive *happy dance* …nice review Sumera.. 🙂

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