MUA Makeup Academy Mascara in Shade 1 Review

MUA Makeup Academy Mascara in Shade 1 Review

Hey Guys,

Happy New year to all of you!!!. I will be creating a glam eye look using MUA chocolate box eye shadow, but I will do that next..there are so many things to write and I am enjoying every bit of writing articles on IMBB. So, today I am going to review a makeup must have for any one. It is a clear mascara from MUA. I purchased it from MUA’s official website. It is a curling mascara. I mean that is what the description is given by the site. I did not have any high expectations from this product, I just required a clear mascara. Read on to find what I got….


Product Description:

A makeup must have . Long lasting and can be used alone, or as a highlight to the end of lashes, on top of your normal shade.


1.00 GBP (INR 100) for 7.0 ml

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There are no ingredients mentioned. I do not know why?


My Experience with MUA Makeup Academy Mascara in Shade 1:

So as mentioned I did not had any high expectation from this product and I am pretty much satisfied with it. A clear mascara is a must have and I was lacking one; So I brought it. The packaging of the product is very normal, it’ just a basic mascara packaging, nothing fancy about it, but it does look cute with all the bubbles in it (at least to me it does 🙂 ). So, the wand of the mascara is curled towards the end, I assume it is because it is a curling mascara.


Application of the product is very easy with this wand, it’s not big or too small it is a basic normal easy to use wand. One thing I absolutely adore about this mascara is that it does not clump at all. I applied three coats of it and there is no clumping at all, means not at all…..It just adds more curl to the lashes. It does not weigh my eyes. I usually use eye conic mascara and it weighs down my lashes badly. I feel so sleepy after applying it and this is magic there is no sleepiness at all.

Another thing about the mascara is that it smells weird, I do not know why. I do not have a problem with it as I do not have to bear the smell; because I apply it on my eyes and I am not able to smell anything on my eyes (I know no one can:) The staying power is of 5-6 hors, which is ok for me and also it is water-resistant not water-proof.



Let’s sum up the Pros and Cons.

Pros of MUA Makeup Academy Mascara in Shade 1:

  • Price
  • Packaging  is travel-friendly
  • Good amount of product
  • Easily applicable
  • Does not weigh down lashes
  • No clumping even if layered

Cons of MUA Makeup Academy Mascara in Shade 1:

  • Weird smell
  • No ingredients mentioned
  • Availability

IMBB Rating:


Would I recommend MUA Makup Academy Mascara in Shade 1?

Yes! If you need a clear mascara ask no more….just go for it girl…go for it.

Last Word: I was not very excited for this product when I ordered it, but now it holds HG status in clear mascaras I own and know about… It really is a great product for makeup lovers 🙂

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  1. I totally loved ur review.. Havent seen a clear mascara in India yet… And this one is so inexpensive.. Yet so good in quality… Lovely review

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