MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner Review




While I was talking about moving out of my comfort zone and trying different colorful shades of cosmetics in my previous review, I happen to order few other colorful products from MUA Makeup Academy. All its products are a steal at the price, as they are available at huge discounts online. Today’s review is about a liquid eyeliner in shade 4 from MUA Makeup Academy. So let’s get started with the review!

MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

Product Description:
Highlight your eyes with this ‘Shade 4 Liquid’ eyeliner that will add a glamorous touch to your look. Ideal for everyday use, this eyeliner from MUA Makeup Academy is easy to apply and long lasting as well. It comes in a 3 g pack.

Price: INR 615 (£1).

Shelf Life: 3 years.

My Experience with MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner:

MUA Makeup Academy liquid eyeliners come in about five different shades. You have different shades like green, blue, bronze, grey and matte black to choose from. Each liner has been numbered shade1, shade2 and so on… and the color of the shade hasn’t been mentioned. Probably that’s how most of the products from Makeup Academy are named and differentiated. I chose shade 4 among all other shades and its grey in color which comes with a hint of shimmer in it.

MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

Color and Texture: Shade 4 is a metallic plain grey liquid eyeliner with shimmer in it. The consistency of this liquid eyeliner is very thin and liquidy. I haven’t come across such a thin eyeliner anytime before. It glides smoothly and easily on the eyelids. Also as the liner is less pigmented, you may need to apply multiple coats to make the color visible.

MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

Packaging: The packaging of the product isn’t any great and looks flimsy. It weights about 3gms. It comes in a plastic tube with a brush that makes the application job a little difficult. The brush is very tiny and stiff. It is pointed towards the end and is completely useless. It hardly picks up the liner and I had to dip in multiple times to pick the color on the brush. I personally prefer thick dense brushes which makes the application job easier. The color of the body is similar to the shade inside and like most of the Makeup Academy products, you can detect the color of the product by the body itself. Although the cap fits in tightly and doesn’t fall off, it would require two to three rounds of twisting to tighten it.

MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

What I really liked about this eyeliner is its grey metallic shade and the shimmer in the liner that sparkles well and looks great on application. I didn’t like the smell as it smells weird like a chemical solution. Since the consistency of the liner is watery and thin it may tend to move or bleed on eyelids. It just takes a minute or two to dry completely. However it looks good after application but would require a little effort and patience from your side in applying the coats and letting it dry. It does stay for about 5 to 6 hours and is waterproof as well. The worst part of the liner is the brush and there is no point using such brushes as I prefer thicker medium sized brush that would help in achieving the desired eyeliner look for the eye makeup.


MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner

Moving on to its pros and cons…

Pros Of MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eye Liner:

• Perfect metallic grey color.
• Shimmer looks great.
• Good for evening or night looks.
• Affordable UK price.
• Glides smoothly.
• Waterproof.
• Good staying power.
• Dries quickly.

Cons Of MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eye Liner:

• Thin consistency.
• Quality of the brush.
• Flimsy Packaging.
• Less pigmented.
• Weird smell.
• Needs to apply multiple coats.
• Tiny brush.
• Brush doesn’t pick liner easily.

Do I Recommend MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Liquid Eyeliner?
Not really since it is less pigmented and thin in consistency I would suggest buying eyeliner that is thick in consistency and much pigmented. Also it smells horrible and the brush is an absolute failure.

IMBB Rating: 3.2/5

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  1. I like glitter eyeliners, but the pencil ones as the glitter is more fine in them, and in liquids is just gets so gritty and liner ends up drying soon. The shade of this one is very flattering.

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