MUA Mascara in Shade 5 – It Does Nothing for the Lashes!

MUA Mascara in Shade 5 – It Does Nothing for the Lashes!

Hi all,

Mascara is something I can’t live without. Give me a good mascara, lip balm and a brow kit and I’m good to go for the day. I have very sparse and thin eyelashes and I honestly hate leaving them un-groomed. What I need my mascara to do is to lengthen my lashes, make it look voluminous without screaming drama and to last a long time, appearing natural at the same time. I had a couple of Makeup Academy lip glosses, which I thought were pretty decent. So, when I came across a mascara of the same brand on sale, I decided to give it a go. Do read on to know Makeup Academy Mascara in the shade 5 managed to find a permanent place in my kitty.

MUA Mascara


Rs. 700 for 5 ml, I got it for Rs. 350

MUA Mascara

Product Description:

A make-up must have – coloured mascara which is available in a number of eye-catching shades to create a striking effect. Long lasting and can be used alone, or as a highlight to the end of lashes on top of your normal shade.

MUA Mascara

My Experience with MUA Mascara in Shade 5:

This particular shade is black. A waterproof variety of black is also available, but I prefer using waterproof mascaras only in summers and well, when I know there’s going to be tears. The other varieties available are in numerous shades of blue, pink and brown, but I only wear black mascara,so shade 5 it was!

Let’s talk about the mascara wand. It looks a lot like the Street Wear mascara wands, only with shorter and denser bristles. I liked using the Street Wear mascara. It was cheap, it curled my lashes and increased its volume, even lengthened it a tad bit. So, I figured I would like the MUA mascara. Sadly, it did not happen.

MUA Mascara

Here’s something about me. I hate, hate, hate using lash curlers. So, I need my mascara to curl my lashes. This mascara does not do that, at all. So, each time I use it, I need to curl my lashes beforehand. Needless to say, I don’t use this mascara that often.

MUA Mascara

I love voluminous lashes, not the Zooey Deschanel like drama, but natural-looking lashes, only denser. This mascara does not make my lashes look denser or any more voluminous than it already is. So, here’s another reason why I don’t use it much. Also, since it does not increase the volume of the lashes, it does not clump.

MUA Mascara

It does lengthen the lashes just  by a minuscule amount.  Not much, not even as much as my Street Wear mascara. So, there goes the last reason to buy this mascara out of the window.

MUA Mascara

It does, however, stay on for a long time, as much as 6+ hours, but sadly, that is its only pro. I absolutely hate this mascara. Forget 700 bucks, I am not willing to pay even one paisa for this no-gooder.

MUA Mascara

Pros of MUA Mascara in Shade 5:

  • Stays on for a long time.
  • It does not clump.

Cons of MUA Mascara in Shade 5:

  • Pricey for a mascara that does absolutely nothing.
  • Does not curl the lashes.
  • Does not increase volume or density of the lashes.
  • Lengthening action is practically non- existing.

IMBB Rating:

1/5, I am being very generous here.

Would I Repurchase MUA Mascara in Shade 5?

Not in a million years. I could, however try the coloured ones, the blues and the pinks. If they have the same staying power as this one, they could be fun to try over other mascara.

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