MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 7

MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 7

MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 7

MUA Makeup is available mainly in Superdrug, and it is to die for! I realized it only too late, but still made the most out of it. I had not known much about this brand and how fantastically affordable it is for what it offers. I had gone to the Superdrug in Chester, where I saw a range of brands all lined up and somehow the testers of this brand attracted me immensely. The pigmentation in the eyeshadows and even for the other makeup they offer speaks for itself and then the cherry on the cake is the pricing! Who would believe that these shadows are just a pound!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shadow that I am sharing with you girls is the Pearl “Shade Number 7.” I mean the finish is pearl and they do have some beautiful matte ones as well (check out my reviews on matte eyeshadows here).  The texture that this shadow offers is my most favourite till date and hence I went nuts and bought as many as I could considering these were a pound each.


The shade is a “green,” I don’t know what kind of color the camera is picking up, but it is quite a bright green and it is a pearl finish, which means no shimmer, no loose glitter or anything, but just silky smooth, metallic shiny color. The feel to the shadow is almost spongy, as in if you press the pan, you will not find it chalky and hard, but rather soft like a cross between a powder and a cream shadow :stars: I don’t know if you get it, but see the texture of the shadow.  It has no fallout at all as it is a little creamy too in spite of being in powder form and packed so well in the pan that there is no fallout and there is no shimmer.

Bright Green

Due to this very reason, the shadow is a beauty to work with.  It is fantastically pigmented and hence you just need to pack a little on and not go back again and again with it.  This just glides on the lid and even you don’t want to pack it on, you can blend it so easily. It’s a dream for a beginner too as there is no mess and you feel confident that your shadow is not budging anywhere.

The texture I find to be a little powdery-creamy like I said, so I do need a base to it as I have oily eyelids.  It may crease on me if I don’t blend it and rather pack it on.  I find a powder base (not a greasy concealer, but something that dries up after application you know) useful for this one.  It may crease in 3 hours otherwise because of its extra smooth texture.

Bright Green

This shade is very well suited to our warmer Indian skin tones where you may wear green so often, especially in the wedding season. Most of us have some green in our traditional wardrobe and I too have some green silks which go really well with this. I would wear a soft, muted, orange-based lipstick with this. For those of you who wear a gloss, you can wear the Papaya Gloss by Revlon to go with this kind of green shadow. Hazel eyes can be a total killer with this shadow! I usually club it with some metallic taupe and brown shade and I never wear this green alone.


Last Word on MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 7:

These are fantastic shadows, smooth, soft, pigmented, and affordable.  These must feature on your shopping list from the UK . In fact, this brand is a very big factor which makes me want to go back to England again :snicker:

IMBB Rating:

4.2 on 5

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