MUA Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow For Glam Metallic Eyes

MUA Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow

By Iqra Y.

Hey Guys,

Today, I am going to review another eye shadow from my stash. This is from MUA professional from UK. I purchased it online from the MUA UK site. I know I am writing reviews of products that are not easily available here but this is available on some online sites in India as well. Read on to find more about this product…

Price & Packaging:

I got this product for 2.50GBP on MUA’s official website. The packaging is nice. It is small and compact. It will not need a lot of space in anybody’s purse. The cap of the product shuts tightly. It comes along with a dual sponge tip applicator which can be used if you need.


About MUA Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow:

The pigmentation of all three eye shadows is decent. It has somewhat of a creamy texture. It has small glitter specks in it which are not very glittery instead makes the shadows look like they have a sheen kind of finish. It is not chalky but it has fall out during application. When applied with a primer underneath the pigmentation is almost the same but the staying power increases for sure. Also, it lasts for a longer period of time and it does not crease. It is a product you can use to create natural looking eyes as well as glam eyes too!

The colors are combined as such that it has a defining dark shade which can be used as crease and liner color.There is a light highlight shade and another is a lid- brightening shade.




Pros of MUA Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow:

  • Nice packaging
  • Good combination of shades
  • Different looks can be created
  • Price is reasonable
  • Good for holiday season

Cons of MUA Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow:

  • Does have little fallout.
  • Availability.
  • Sponge tip applicator is useless.


IMBB Rating


Will I repurchase MUA Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow?

No, but I will go for other shades!

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