MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decorous Review

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MUA and Makeup Revolution are two brands that I love experimenting with because they keep on launching new and amazing stuff. MUA recently launched three lip crèmes/glosses range and one of them was the “Power Pout Acrylic” range. There were 6 shades and all of them look superstunning, so I planned to pick 4 out of these. So, here is one shade that I would start with and it’s called “Decorous”!

MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decorous

Price: 3.50 GBP on the website (retails at Rs 750 in India)

Product Description:
Achieve ultimate high voltage impact with the Power Pout Acrylic. The opaque gloss formula offers full coverage with super pigmentation.
4 shades

My Experience with MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decorous:

Packaging: The Power Pout comes in a sleek bottle which is colour coded and hence it is very easy to spot them if you own a few. It has a black cap which stays tight and these can be easily carried around in a clutch or hand-bag.

tube with wand

The shade name is also mentioned at the back of the bottle. The wand is perfect as it has a slant tip which makes it glide smoothly on the lips creating a perfect pout.

shade name

Shade: The shade “Decorous” is a very bright and bold red with lots of orange hints to it which makes it a perfect orangey red. It actually looks like a blood red on the lips and it does feel like I have applied some paint to my lips. It looks red on my hand but looks more of a very deep orange on the lips. After a few hours, it settles to a deep coral shade. It is like the usual bold reds but the creaminess makes it too hot to handle. This is one of those reds which a very few women will dare to wear since it will grab each and every person’s attention. It instantly perks up my face and my complexion looks bright. But yet, I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing this in my routine life, and would limit it only to occasions. I would prefer blotting it and wearing it.


Consistency and finish: The Acrylic Power Pout is really thick and creamy in consistency which makes it glides very smoothly on the lips. Just one swipe and I have the entire colour on my lips since the pigmentation is intense and totally opaque. But at times, it feels very thick and looks like acrylic paint on the lips which I don’t like! The finish is very glossy and creamy initially, but after few hours it settles to a matte finish with sheen and then a stain. These can rightly be categorised as liquid lipsticks or velvet matte finish lip crèmes.


Staying power: The Power Pout stays for really long, precisely 7-8 hours with full meals and snacks, although it loses the intensity and glossiness after meals and water sips! It does not settle in fine lines but it transfers a lot since the consistency is creamy and the shade is too bold. After some 5-6 hours, it settles to a matte finish with a slight sheen and then finally into a bright red stain which easily comes off with a make-up remover or cleansing milk.


Overall, they are damn good as far as the quality is concerned but the shades are too bold to handle!

Pros of MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decorous:

• Great packaging with colour coded bottles to spot them easily.
• The price is great as compared to the offering.
• 6 super bold and vibrant shades to choose from.
• Decorous is a superbold, bright and very hot to handle type of a red.
• It instantly creates a very bold pout which brightens up the complexion.
• The pigmentation is unbelievable and totally opaque as stated.
• The finish is extremely creamy which then turns to a semi-matte finish.
• It keeps the lips moisturized throughout the day.
• It stays on my lips for 7-8 hours with meals and snacks.
• It has a pleasant butterscotch scent to it.
• Leaves a beautiful stain after 6 hours or after 2 meals.

Cons of MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decorous:

• It is extremely creamy which is why it transfers a lot.
• It bleeds a little after meals which looks tacky as the colour is superbold.
• It looks extremely bold on me and not everyone would be comfortable with this shade.
• It is extremely thick like the acrylic paints.
• It looks red on my hand but a bold orange on my lips.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 (I find it superbold, but it is true to all its claims)

Would I Repurchase/Recommend MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decorous?
If you are ready to handle the superhot, bold and extremely pigmented shades, then go for these. But I would prefer a little subtle formula as compared to these since they are actually as thick as the Acrylic paints!

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