MUA Professional Eyes Primer Review

MUA Professional Eyes Primer

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Today I am here again with a review, of course from one of my favorite brands MUA. And today it’s the professional eye primer, actually my first primer review on IMBB. It was lying in my stash for a year now, and you know how we become ignorant for some great products to review.

Product Description: Apply our MUA Eye Primer to eyelids before make-up application to create a more vibrant eyeshadow color for long-lasting wear without fading or creasing.

Price: £1.50 for 7.5 ml, really cheap there but for us, prices are little high may be INR 600- 700. I forget how much I got it for.

Packaging: The primer comes in an opaque black sleek bottle. The applicator wand is attached with the cap, it a sponge doe- foot applicator. It helps the primer apply easily even on the inner corners of the eyes, it takes out more than enough product to apply at one go.

My Take on MUA Professional Eyes Primer

Eyeshadow primer is a coat or base we apply before applying eyeshadow as it helps smoothen out rough surface of our skin, so that the eye makeup can be applied smoothly, without creasing and the color looks more vibrant and will stay in place for long hours. And I think MUA primer is a good substitute for high- end  primers.
The color of the primer is not transparent, it’s actually porcelain  like some liquid concealers, but it blends out really easily to give a clean, neat base for applying makeup. The consistency is neither very thick, nor very runny & thin, it’s actually very creamy wet , which spreads on the whole lids very smoothly and evens out the skin tone making the skin feel soft & smooth than it is. It doesn’t take much time to dry up on the lids, just a few seconds are needed and you are good to go. What I like about MUA professional primer is that it works more than a primer, it works as a great concealer around eyes, it’s a hybrid product, it’s very effective as a primer and a concealer too.
How well it worked to make my shadows last: I used L’Oreal Color riche eyeshadows in shade Eau de Rose, the shadow does not last on me for more than 2 hours so I used it over MUA primer and the eye shadow is kind of powdery, and when I used it over the primer it lasted on me for more 5-6 hours easily without any kind of fading, a little color fading can be noticed in the last hours, but the eyeshadow didn’t crease, the color was more vibrant and really long lasting. In my opinion this primer works well with powdery eyeshadows, why I say is becuase  whenever I tried the MUA creamy powder eyeshadows with it, they kind of slide down from my eyes and stay very less. It’s because of the oily base of the eye primer.
Does it make eyeshadow blending difficult?  It generally happens with almost every eye primer, as they make shadows stick to the base. Though it makes the eyeshadow appear really intense and help prevent creasing, it hinders easy blending of eyeshadows up to some extent, but not too  difficult if you’re using a nice blending brush.


Pros of MUA Professional Eyes Primer

• A primer which can also be used as a concealer.
• Packaging is handy & attractive.
• Texture is very smooth & creamy.
• Consistency is neither too thick nor runny.
• Gives a dewy finish after application.
• Dries up quickly after applying on lids.
• Really extends the staying power of poor  staying eyeshadows.
• Doesn’t make blending of eyeshadows too difficult.
• Also enhances  color of poorly  pigmented eyeshadows.
• A very nice product for dry lids, as it’s a moisturizing primer.


Cons of MUA Professional Eyes Primer

• It’s a bit oil based, so it is not so suitable for oily lids.
• Doesn’t make pearly or creamy eyeshadows stay longer, as they slide down.
• Availability in India.

Recommendation on MUA Professional Eyes Primer:

If you’re searching for an all rounder primer, this primer has got all those qualities in it and yes at a really affordable price.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/ 5

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