MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

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I am back finally with the much awaited review from my end, dedicated to all you lip balm lovers out there. Today’s review is on my favorite shade from MUA, Sweet Sheen Rouge Rumba Lip Balm. Read to know why it is my favorite. 🙂

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review3

Product Description:
MUA’s sweet sheen is a soft balm that moisturizes whilst also adding a subtle shimmer of colour to your lips!

INR 550 /2 euros for 2.8 g

Shelf Life:
3 years

My Experience with MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

I have been waiting to share my experience about the best shade in my personal opinion amongst the MUA’s Sweet Sheen Lip Balms and that would be ‘Rouge Rumba’. It is the best by far and you can relate better to my experience incase you use this excelling lightweight lip formula. Everything about this is a ‘sunshine in the grey skies’ except for the product quantity and the staying power, but trust me once you have tasted this cherry red beauty, you cannot let go of it. The mild vanilla flavored lipstick shaped lip balm does not carry the secret lip formula by which I mean, the missing ingredient list. But, I would like more colors to be engineered in the same lip formula in this range along with the ingredients mentioned on the label.

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review1

I wish the best for sweet sheen range from MUA and I hope that it is definitely carried forward for lip balm lovers, like me. I am positive that it could be a hit; also it could be a good break from our regular lip balms. 😀 I also secretly wish for more product quantity offered like the Maybelline Baby lips, a one gram product quantity top up from MUA should be alright.

I am head over heels in love with ‘Rouge Rumba’; a color that does not allow me to take my eyes off the lips with my face literally glowing like I am carrying an invisible floating lantern. It adds a beautiful radiating glow to the face, lifting up the complexion, being the rouge and the fact that it also calls for less, simple makeup is a huge pro and so far has been a huge pro for me. The product is also an ultra lightweight lip balm where you can barely feel it on your lips.

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

The packaging, if not for breathtaking, is shaped like a lipstick. It is a little chubby for a 2.8 g lip balm, but in my perspective is attractive to carry around in your purse; that can be eye catching during your reapplication. Speaking of the tube, a gentle warning as far as the packaging and the bullet of the balm goes, I had to bid goodbye to my ‘Peach Dream’ bullet and only then did I come to know that I had to be careful. Thank goodness that it did not happen to my ‘Cherry Bomb’ and my recent found love, ‘Rouge Rumba’. Overall, the stick is a little on the delicate side so handle with care, so is the bullet; especially watch out when working multiple swipes on your lips.

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review2

Speaking of pigmentation and coverage, the lip balm provides medium coverage eventually fading out from the inner to the outer part of the lips, and this fading out happens after an hour or so also depending on how often you rub your lips or sip on water. The staying power is very low which lasts a drink and a solid meal. A nice lunch and a mouth wash would wipe out the product entirely. Reapplication and building up the product is easy, although eventually the stains settle into the lip lines and they are not unpleasant. In fact, it gives a natural pink color pretty looking look. The fragrance is very mild and very minimal even otherwise. The vanilla fragrance of the lip balm just mildly lingers around and this also can barely be felt during and after application.

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review4

This color is perfect for medium skin toned beauties and moderately pigmented lips as it only offers good pigmentation for a balm. It is a pretty great red shade that anyone would opt for. Once you use this mildly flavored, non synthetic feel lip balm, you will only continue to love it. ‘Rouge Rumba’ can make a great everyday lip balm overall, but being a little overpriced for an everyday lip balm, the final call would be yours!

The perfect semi-matte finish also would work for the ones who are not exactly matte lovers , who do not use much of lipsticks, but an in and out lip balm lover. In my case, I am a gloss addict. 😛 Point is, the final finish worked totally in my favor. So, in this case, I am investing not strictly on a lip balm, not exactly a lipstick, but somewhere on an everyday wear lip product for myself that would totally work for my routine.

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review5

It would also come handy in a situation that requires a lip balm, it could be a base and therefore I am not surprised to be seeing myself buying ‘Coral Reef’ and ‘French Violet’ (happy dance). Finally to sum it up, with a bullet so comfortable for a decent finish on the lips that does not dry the lips, as good as this lip balm might feel, avoid using it in harsh winters as to you have buy a box for reapplication considering the staying power and these are a mostly a big no if you got extremely dry or chapped lips.

MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review6

Pros of MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

• Packaging – the innovative, color coded, easy to spot, purse friendly packaging
• Flavored – carries a mild vanilla flavor it
• Texture – not too shiny nor matte , a semi matte finish with decent coverage
• The bullet of the lip balm is shaped in a way that two strokes in clockwise and opposite directions can impart a neat good finish
• User friendly bullet offers good precision allowing no room for mess
• Color – a brilliant shade that is a blend of cherry red and soft pink, a rare shade of color for lip balm offering good pigmentation
• Soft and ultra light on the lips
• Not sticky
• Easy to build
• Rouge Rumba, in particular, makes a lovely everyday shade
• Does not heavily transfer although it is not entirely transfer or kiss proof
• Easy reapplication when it eventually fades out
• Great base for any lip product – lip paint/lip gloss/lip lacquer/lipstick
• Range of colors to suit moderately pigmented lips and medium to fair skinned beauties

Cons of MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm:

• Availability
• Expensive for a lip balm
• Less product quantity for the price
• Ingredients not mentioned
• Not suitable for very dry or chapped lips, and definitely needs exfoliation before application
• No SPF
• Low staying power : 2-4 hours

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm?
I would definitely repurchase this ‘Rouge Rumba’ before any changes happen. A perfect lip formula with no secret ingredient. If you are looking for a perfect red shade in a lip balm, I recommend this sweet sheen of ‘Rouge Rumba’ and it could become your favorite too.

I am coming to become MUA’s Sweet Sheen transcending ‘Rouge Rumba’ lover!

• Exfoliate lips for this range
• Apply a clock wise and an anti-clockwise full on stroke and tuck in the product for a good finish
• Pick your shade with a hand swatch, but try not to get misguided by the hand swatches. Try at least three swipes as it is buildable. Easy way out is to go by the color coded balm. The darkest of it offers the best pigmentation offering mostly the color it looks to be
• Rouge Rumba makes a lovely evening color, perfect for parties
• Pocket it and you do not need a lipstick or a balm for this range

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2 thoughts on “MUA Rouge Rumba Sweet Sheen Lip Balm Review

  1. That’s a very very pretty tinted lip balm shade, but its staying power and then quantity are not at all impressive for the price. I have seen and used much better tinted ones, would opt for them anyday.

    1. Very pretty na ? and true. Got it once. Loved it and I am now kinda over the rouge fantasy now and I am exploring revoln HD 😛 although all my loyalties stay with my products except for the disappointing sticky glosses :/ by the way is there any awesome tinted balm that would suggest from your end cause I am anyway hunting and exploring new lip products 😀

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