MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes Review

Skin Tone: Medium fair, warm undertones
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I have recently discovered my love for false eyelashes. I had ordered a pair of eyelashes from MUA Cosmetics. I had ordered the variant “Glam,” but received “Siren” by mistake. Since, this product fell under a non-returnable category, I did not have a choice other than to keep it. I was a kind of disappointed initially to see these super dramatic eyelashes, but after the initial hesitation, I thought of giving them a try. So, here comes the review of MUA Siren Double Volume Eye Lashes. Read on for more details:

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes Review

Product Description:
MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes all details

Price and Quantity:
590 INR for one pair.

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes how to use

My Experience with MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes:

This pair of lashes comes in a small black colored cardboard box with all the product-related information printed at the back. Inside this box, there’s a small plastic tray housing the eyelashes. The packaging also includes eyelash glue, but this glue is pretty useless as I had received mine in a totally dry condition. The packaging is nice, sleek and easy to carry.

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes packaging

The eyelashes are jet black in color. The color is too dark. They are made up of synthetic material and when I touch it, it feels plastic. I expected these to be soft. The lashes are voluminous and even those who carry bold eye looks will find these lashes difficult to carry. It’s a great choice for those who like dramatic eye makeup looks, but if you like to sport natural lashes, you must look for other options. These are super long and dense. The length of the eyelashes is apt for my big eyes but people with smaller eyes may need to trim these lashes according to the requirement. The lashes are too dramatic to handle. They look too bold and somewhat over the top.

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes outer packaging

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes glue

The band at the inner side of the falsies is good and the glue adheres to it nicely. I skip my eyeliner while using these falsies and they give a kind of natural lash line to the eyes. I neither curl up my eyelashes nor apply any mascara while using these falsies. The band is soft and does not feel pokey on the eyelid, but the eyelashes are heavy and it is a pain to fix these eyelashes in place. They keep falling off. But once you get them properly in place with glue, it stays in place.

MUA Siren eyelashes

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes

Since these eyelashes are too long and dense, it feels heavy. It interferes with my vision and feels kind of uncomfortable on the eyes. I am not really comfortable with the feel of these eyelashes on my eyelids. They definitely look very artificial. Though, these are not apt for regular use but I love how dramatic they look on my eyes. I would not really recommend these eyelashes because there are better options available out there.

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes on eyelid

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes on eyes

MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes with eye makeup

Pros of MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes:

  • Good packaging.
  • Apt for super dramatic eye makeup.
  • Once fixed, it stays in place.
  • Long lashes.

Cons of MUA Siren Double Volume Lashes:

  • The glue that came along was dry.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Feels heavy on the eyelids.
  • Interferes with the wearer’s vision.
  • Too dramatic to handle.
  • Fixing them in place is a task.
  • Weighs down on the lids.

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