MUA Underground Gel Eyeliner Review

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Today’s review is on MUA Gel Eyeliner in the shade “Underground.” I already own the shade “On the Move,” which has been reviewed on IMBB before 🙂 Let me confess, before you see the EOTD, that I am terrible at applying gel eyeliners or any eyeliner that involves using a brush. I am a “felt tip/pen” eyeliner person and I am still struggling with eyeliner brushes due to lack of practice. Let’s move on to the product for more details now 🙂
MUA Underground Gel Eyeliner

Product Description:
They are intensely pigmented and super slick and come in four shades, from the classic black of ‘Underground’ to the beautifully bold blue of ‘Tribe’ and are completely smudge-proof once the product has dried.

£3 – Available in 4 shades (Underground, On the Move, Tribe and Fair Ground).
Shade name

My Take on MUA Underground Gel Eyeliner:

Packaging: I can honestly give full rating for the packaging solely – super cute, functional and awesome. MUA gel eyeliners come in small, transparent pots made with plastic and sealed with aluminium foil to keep the product safe from drying. The screw cap cleverly houses a cap length brush inside it. At first instant, I was unable to locate the brush and also unable to understand how to open it. The small and handy brush can be pulled out from the cap and can be inserted backwards into the screw cap to double the handle length – clever! The bristles are dense, soft yet firm for a neat application. Since the brush is denser and not angled, you can draw thick or medium thickness lines but not a thin one from this. It is easy to clean, wash and dry. For saving time, I wipe it with a tissue instantly after use so that the product doesn’t clump to the dense bristles. It is one of the best gel eyeliner packaging I have ever spotted.
Gel eyeliner

Formula and Pigmentation: MUA Gel Eyeliner in “Underground” has a creamy, thick and smooth formula to glide on effortlessly without tugging. The gel eyeliner dries in 7-10 seconds, thus giving ample amount of time to smudge it or to rectify the mistakes. Layering on is easy because it is a fast-drying gel eyeliner. The layering process results in smooth line, but if you try to put on multiple layers, it flakes over an hour’s wear time. It isn’t a waterproof gel eyeliner but doesn’t smudge or budge on rubbing throughout the day. It doesn’t irritate eyes on lash line or water line. This liner is paraben free. It is intensely pigmented and one-two swipes deposit full and opaque eyeliner on the eyelids.
Gel eyeliner packaging

Shade and Finish: MUA Gel Eyeliner in Underground is a jet black shade with matte finish. One swipe deposits a full black color but you may require two layers to obtain full opacity of jet black shade. It dries to a matte finish.
Gel eyeliner swatch

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Longevity: This liner stays on the eyelids for 5 hours on average and for 2 hours on the waterline.
Eye swatch

Summing up pros and cons:

Pros of MUA Underground Gel Eyeliner:

  • Jet black gel eyeliner with matte finish.
  • Great pigmentation and opacity.
  • Dries fast, yet forgiving on mistakes and accommodating for multiple swipes.
  • Creamy, thick and smooth formula.
  • No flaking (up to 2 layers), no smudging and no budging over 8 hours.
  • Not waterproof, hence easy to remove.
  • Doesn’t dry for 6 months if closed carefully after every use (past experience with the shade “On the Move).
  • Stays for up to 5 hours on eyelids and 2 hours on the waterline.
  • Smart and compact packaging, travel friendly and includes a brush.
  • Doesn’t irritate eyes.
  • Affordable.

Cons of MUA Underground Gel Eyeliner:

  • Not suitable for waterline because it smears on the waterline.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase MUA Underground Gel Eyeliner?
The rating speaks it all, I definitely recommend this and I will repurchase too. I wish MUA extends the shade range as well.

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