How Much Does Keratin Treatment Cost?

Keratin treatment is one of the most popular salon treatments for smooth and frizz-free hair. Keratin treatment is for women who are tired of lacklustre and dull hair. A lot of salons in India offer keratin treatment, but when it comes to keratin treatment, you should always opt for a reputed salon. Coming to keratin treatment cost in India, the charges of keratin treatment vary from salon to salon. The treatment cost depends on your hair type and length. But on average, price in India varies from 6000 to 10,000 INR. A lot of salons slash their prices during festive season. The treatment is decently priced in India and the effect of the keratin treatment lasts for about 3-4 months. After 3-4 months, your original hair will begin to grow out and the effect of keratin treatment will gradually begin to reduce. Within 6 months, your hair will be back to its original shape. You must remember that whatever amount you are investing, it is valid only for 3-4 months to a maximum of 6 months. Also, keratin treatment is a one-time expenditure and thus most people consider it to be a costly expenditure.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment:

Keratin treatment can make your hair glossy and shiny. Keratin treatment can give your hair a new life. It also adds glossiness and shine to the hair and also an incredible amount of smoothness to your hair. With keratin treatment, your hair will become tangle free hair. Keratin treatment reduces frizz from damaged hair and thus you can enjoy beautiful and shiny, bouncy hair. Other than this, there are several keratin treatment based products which will prove to be really good for your hair:

1. TREsemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque: This mask is very good for every hair type as it delivers good results in a very short time. You can use this mask post shampoo and conditioner and just leave this mask on your hair for 4-5 minutes and then you can enjoy the benefits of keratin-treated hair.

2. Marc Anthony 30-Day No Frizz Keratin Smoothing Treatment: This is a runny liquid product and thus only a little amount of product need to be used on your hair. Also, post this treatment, you cannot shampoo your hair for the next 48 hours.

3. It’s a 10 Miracle leave in plus Keratin: This is a highly effective and quick treatment for your hair. This can be used in case of towel dried, wet or even freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. The hair keeps smelling fresh and is in perfect health.

4. OGX 30 Day Smoothing Treatment, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy: this treatment is recommended for all hair types, be it curly, highlighted, straight and likewise. The treatment also has a shampoo in it which when used together gives good results. The treatment is known to reduce frizz in your hair by more than 50%.

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