Muji All In One Essence Gel Review

Skin Type: Combination

Hi guys,

Today I will be reviewing a product from Muji, which is a Japanese brand, known for creating exceptional quality lifestyle products such as household items, stationery, apparel, etc. They also offer skincare products that are known to have minimal and essential ingredients meant for hydration and basic care of the skin. This is one of the popular products from their anti-aging line. To know more about this product and how it fared for me, keep reading.

Muji All In One Essence Gel Review

Price: £5.95 (INR 1490 for 100 g)
Product Description:
An essence is similar to a serum, only slightly lighter. Ideally used after toning to add another layer of hydration. Using natural water from Kamaishi, Iwate-ken. Low irritant and gentle enough for delicate skin. Skin calming ingredients (such as chamomile and rose) help to soothe skin before moisturising. Active ingredient hyaluronic acid helps to keep skin smooth and hydrated. No fragrance – No artificial colors – No mineral oils – Weakly acidic – Paraben free – Alcohol free.

Muji All In One Essence Gel Ingredients

How To Use:
After cleansing your face, take a sufficient amount (about a cherry size) in the palm of your hand and smooth over face. Can be used as serum after applying lotion.

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My Experience with Muji All In One Essence Gel:

The essence comes in a translucent brown tube. The tube is made of some sort of rubbery polymer, and even though it is foldable, it is robust. The translucency allows one to see the amount of product inside easily. It has a dark brown flip open cap. The opening is very small and that allows control over the amount of the product dispensed.

Muji All In One Essence Gel Packaging

The essence does not feel like an essence as it is not runny or watery like normal. The texture of this essence is because of its multi-functionality. It is a thick, white translucent gel essence. It has a very mild fragrance which dissipates after application. It is not sticky and absorbs into the skin easily.

The sales rep told me that it contains water from Mt. Omine in Japan. The water passes through many minerals and is purified in the process. The pH is similar to the pH of our tears – it is slightly alkaline. This property allows the product to be gently absorbed into the skin. It also has a myriad of plant ingredients which I have not seen in other Asian brands.

Muji All In One Essence Gel Back

The downside is that this product contains parabens. Muji also carries travel sized bottles of virtually all its products, which is another advantage for frequent travellers. All these products are designed keeping utility in mind, hence the minimalist packaging. Even though it can be used after a lotion, I prefer using a thicker moisturizer or lotion after the application of this product.

This is because the essence is thinner than the products that follow it, and I follow the thin to thick consistency rule in my skincare regimen to allow uniform absorption of all products. After double cleansing my face, I take a cherry size of the product on the back of the hand and spread it all over my face and neck. I pat the product into my skin. After a few minutes, it absorbs completely. I follow up with a light lotion or sleeping pack.

Muji All In One Essence Gel Cap

I feel that in the summer this alone will be sufficient as a moisturizer. This product does not exaggerate my pores or break me out, which is a plus. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated until the morning. It is a simple product that can be easily incorporated into the skincare routine. Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase.

Muji All In One Essence Gel Swatch

Pros of Muji All In One Essence Gel:

• Hydrates like a toner.
• Makes skin soft.
• Plumps the skin.
• Does not feel greasy on my combination skin.
• Contains unique plant ingredients.
• Gets absorbed really well.
• Good for travelling.
• Does not contain added fragrance.

Cons of Muji All In One Essence Gel:

• Contains parabens.
• A light lotion or moisturizer is needed to seal the moisture in for people with dry skin in winters.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Muji All In One Essence Gel?
I would like to try out the same product but from the regular line and one formulated without parabens as this might be heavy for me in the summer. I would recommend this product to people who do not have time to do a full skincare routine every day. For working or travelling ladies, this is a good product.

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