Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads Review

Skin Type: Combination

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing cotton pads from Muji. Previously, I was using the ones from Innisfree. I wanted to try a different brand this time and bought in bulk. To know more about these cotton pads, read on further.

Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads Review

INR 250 for 180 cotton pads.

Product Description:
Cotton pads made from soft, unbleached cotton. These are made in Japan and made from 100% cotton.

Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads Details

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How To Use:
Soak thoroughly with toning water. Using small amounts may cause the cotton to become fuzzy. Use just enough to make the cotton look transparent.

My Experience With Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads:

These cotton pads are packaged in a plastic bag with a resealable mouth at the top. Most of the information is written in Japanese, and only the English stickers and translations give some knowledge about the product. The cotton pads are of the unbleached variety, which means that it won’t be completely white in colour. They also have the bleached ones. Additionally, it might have brown or black specks which are not dirt. This is pure organic cotton.

Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads Packaging

These cotton pads are relatively bigger than the Innisfree  ones. They are also rectangular in shape. The cotton pads are quite thick and soft to touch. They do not have multiple layers. They only have a single thick, dense layer of cotton.

Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads Description

I bought these cotton pads along with my Muji Toning Water. Muji has a wide variety of face implements such as cotton buds, multi-layered cotton pads, cotton balls, etc. These products may seem expensive, but they are worth checking out.

Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads Thickness

I like using these cotton pads for applying my toner and acid exfoliant. It works well and soaks a good amount of product. It does not feel rough on the skin, neither does it pull the skin. I also use these cotton pads for removing heavy makeup like mascara and liquid lipstick. They do a good job in removing all my makeup. At most, I require two cotton pads to remove all my makeup. Overall, these are good quality and affordable cotton pads.

Pros of Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads:

  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Good size of cotton pad.
  • Thick pads; absorb and transfer toner’s etc., well.
  • Affordable.
  • Soft on the skin.

Cons of Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads:

  • A separate container may be needed for storing them.
  • Availability is an issue as Muji stores are not present in all cities.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Muji Unbleached Cotton Pads?
I would definitely be repurchasing these. I would recommend it to those who are looking for good quality organic cotton pads.

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