Multi-Masking: The Latest Skin Care Trend – An All New Way to Get Better Skin Quickly

If you love multi-tasking, then surely multi-masking will be your jam! 😉 With multi-masking you will be able to solve more than one skin problem without the hassle of using two different types of masks!! Try using these mask combinations and get better skin quickly! Multi-masking is soon becoming popular amongst people as it helps in treating different skin issues at one time. Face masks are loaded with highly concentrated ingredients that focus on one issue – brightening, clearing out pores, blackheads, dry skin etc. I’m here to show you a few ways that you can multi-mask but then again, that isn’t just the order you need to follow – feel free to get innovative!


1. Irritation + Breakouts: Acne treatments are jammed with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which do not only dry out a pimple, but the other areas of the face as well. Calm dry skin, banish bumps and treat sensitive skin all at the same time by using active charcoal mask on the pimples while applying an anti-inflammatory mask elsewhere.

2. Large Pores + Oily Skin: Large pores and oily skin go hand in hand, they team up to cause trouble to your skin. Target enlarged pores (cheek and nose area are the most prone) with a clay mask. A clay mask helps in clearing out the entire gunk from your pores like a magnet, which stretches pores and oxidizes creating black spots. On the oily areas of the face, apply a detoxifying mask to remove other skin impurities without ripping of the natural moisture levels of the skin. If you lose the natural moisture levels, your body will produce more oil. Not ideal!!


3. Fine Lines + Dullness: Aging causes our skin to produce fresh-looking cells less frequently and all the movements that we make with our lips and nose start to reside on your face permanently in the form of wrinkles. An algae mask is exfoliating thus taking away all the dullness and dead skin off your face while an anti-aging mask helps targeting all those areas on the face that are prone to fine lines. Try a mask that contains gold and caffeine in one mask, which reflects light on the face while making the skin look smooth.


4. Dry Cheek Area + Oily T Zone: This is otherwise known as a combination skin type, but there is a very easy way fix to it. You can use a mattifying mask to areas that are oily while a hydrating cream mask on the dry areas of the face that replenishes the natural oils of the face.


Yes, you got it right!! Multi-masking is now becoming one of the hottest skin care trends, not only because it is less time consuming but also it works on different areas of the face!! Gone are the days when you had to use one mask at a time and wait until you work on the other problem area!! Multi-masking is your way to go!!  There is no reason why you must not give this trend a try, because there is nothing to lose, so why not start with kitchen ingredients that you have and then invest in other products!? Tailor the masks according to what your skin needs and you are good to go. Getting creative is what it is all about!!!


Take care!

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