A Two-in-One Face Pack To Reduce Tan and Facial Hair

By Maya Ramchandani

Hello everyone 🙂

I read almost every post published on IMBB and it is very helpful, so I thought of contributing to it. Hope my posts will be equally important for you angels. Sunburn on any part of our body is very irritating. Even if we spend a minute out in the sun, we get tanned badly. So here I present a very easy home remedy which is very effective for tanning and also for blackhead removal.

Tan and Facial Hair

• Sugar (removes dead skin)
• Coconut oil or olive oil (nourishes the skin)
• Turmeric (used for even complexion)
• Gram flour (helps reducing facial hair)
• Lemon juice (main bleaching agent)


• First you need to wash the tanned area thoroughly with your face wash. Then mix 1 tablespoon of sugar in 1 teaspoon of coconut oil or olive oil (as per your preference ). Scrub with this mixture for at least 10 minutes in circular motion and then wash off (do not use powdered sugar, as it won’t scrub your skin well).

Multipurpose Face Pack to Get Rid of Tanning, Blackheads and Facial Hair1

• After finishing with this, take a pinch of turmeric. Mix it in half a bowl of gram flour and add few drops of lemon juice (yogurt can be used too). Apply this to the tanned area of your body after scrubbing with sugar and olive oil. Keep this for 15-20 minutes. Voila!
• This remedy has proven to be the best for sun tan and also blackhead removal in my case. It can be used twice a week for better results. Scrubbing with sugar is not advised to people with sensitive or acne prone skin.


• Removes sun tan
• Removes blackheads
• Moisturizes skin
• Removes facial hair too if used properly and at least twice a week
• Makes your skin glow instantly

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5 thoughts on “A Two-in-One Face Pack To Reduce Tan and Facial Hair

  1. totally trying this out!!! All home ingredients and easy peasy. My mom only uses here haldi besan face pack. She wouldnt use a face wash. and her skin speaks for itself!! :))

  2. i have a lot facial hair and i don’t want to go any parlor process to removes it.
    I know gram flour eliminates facial hair but my problem is using gram flour on face gives a lot pimples on face that lasts for months 🙁 .
    what to do?

    1. Try wheat flour. I personally use oats. Finely grind oats are the best as it does not cause irritation n soothes the skin while removing facial hair

  3. Hi there, I am from South Africa. I use a mixture of gram flour, turmeric, lemon juice and milk as a mask on my skin and it really does make your skin glow. You notice results of using the mask diligently in about two weeks. Also moisturising with pure 100% or virgin coconut oil after.

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