Must-Follow Dos And Don’ts for Chapped Lips

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Well, this year I am pretty much enjoying the rainy season by pampering my skin very often. And very soon when rainy season would take a back seat the season for chapped lips will take over. Winters are going to make it worse for someone with dry skin and lip issues. You would have to take extra care of your skin and lips as our skin turns super dry during this season.

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Recently I figured out that my lips are already chapped and it is because of the matte lipstick which I have been using daily. So now I know the reason for chapped lips isn’t always the weather but there are many such other reasons, which make it worse for your lips. So let’s look into what should be done and what shouldn’t to always avoid our lips from being chapped. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow for the chapped lips.

Always moisturise your lips

The main reason that contributes to cracked and chapped lips is lack of moisture in the lip area. So it’s a good idea to always keep the lips moisturized by applying petroleum jelly or a good tinted lip balm. Coconut oil and almond oil are also considered as good moisturizers for your lips as it penetrates deeply and nourishes the lips.

Keep yourself hydrated

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Always make sure you are well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Sometimes your body gets dehydrated and causes your lips to dry up. It is also very important to stay hydrated if you have chapped lips in order to avoid the lips from drying up more.

Prefer a lip balm with SPF

lip balm with spf

As soon as we notice and experience our chapped lips our hands move out in the direction of a lip balm first. A lip balm with sunscreen will protect your lips from drying more as direct exposure to sunlight can make your lips extremely dry.

Use a humidifier

This helps in maintaining the temperature and humidity in your room. By this you can prevent your lips from drying further. If you have the habit of using air condition, humidifier would be of great help.

Exfoliate your lips


You can try exfoliating your lips for removing the dry flakes and dead skin from the lips. Homemade scrubs works better than any chemical product as that would keep your lips safe from any kind of burning sensation. You may use your fingertips or a toothbrush to gently remove the dead skin from lips.

Don’t ever try to lick your lips

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I know it’s kind of very tempting to constantly lick your lips when it is chapped and when dead skin is trying to fall off. But this habit will only make it worse for you because when the saliva dries it will make the skin of lips drier. Also when you are wearing a lip balm, the saliva may remove the natural oil from the coating of lip balm. It is better you resist it for sometime until it is completely healed.

Don’t wear long wear and matte lipsticks

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It’s better to avoid wearing lipsticks for a while until the chapped lips get healed. Especially the matte and long wear lipsticks are a big no for chapped lips, as they tend to dry out the lips much faster than any other lipstick. Many matte lipsticks tend to settle on fine lines soon after you apply it on your lips. Instead you can try a lip balm, which has moisture and color in it.

Don’t try to pick lips

Most of us try to pick the dead flakes from lips when it’s dry. This way we are forcibly trying to remove the skin which may tend to fall of on its own. This may lead to injuries, bleeding and infections.

Don’t eat spicy food

You yourself would not like to eat something that is spicy as it would irritate and burn your lips further. Its better you avoid food that is spicy, salty and acidic. This may slow down your healing process too.

Avoid certain lip balms

Always check for ingredients in lip balm that can harm your lips when they are chapped. It’s better to check for ingredients that could harm your sensitive lips before you apply them. Ingredients like alcohol, aspirin, artificial colors and fragrances can irritate lips. The lip balm that comes in stick tends to dry out the lips as it contains wax. Try choosing a lip balm that has SPF and the one, which is paraben free. I personally stick to plain petroleum jelly and often keep applying it every two hours until it is completely healed. Otherwise I am on look out for all kinds of scented flavorful lip balms that are tinted with lovely vibrant colors.

So that’s it! Looking forward to do a DIY lip scrub post that would be of great help for you guys soon. Until then keep applying lots of lip balm and keep your cute lips moisturized always.

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