10 Items You’ll Never Regret Having in Your Wedding Trousseau

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Wedding season is just around the corner and the festive vibe is in the air. I just love this time of the year. There is so much going around and everything is just so colourfully chaotic. In today’s post, let us talk about some must haves for your wedding trousseau as with all the wedding planning going on, you also need the few essentials that will come in handy after the marriage.

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau

1. A Versatile Clutch

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 2

A clutch that goes with your traditional attire as well your western wear would be a good investment. You can choose a clutch in metallic shades. Getting an embellished clutch to go with all your heavy suits and sarees will also help to amp up your look.

2. A Statement Blouse

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 3

You might be having quite a few sarees in your trousseau, but a blouse piece that goes with almost all sarees is also a must. If you are wearing a plain sari, then a statement embellished blouse in a neutral colour like black or gold will definitely provide an edge to your overall look.

3. Statement Rings

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 4

Big chunky rings apart from your usual gold and diamond ones are also a must have. Invest in some really cool rings with precious stones and intricate details.

4. Neutral Bags

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 5

You would not like to carry that heavily embellished clutch to your day outings. Right? Choose a neutral shade of big oversized bag to go with your more casual everyday outfits and hold all your things of daily need.

5. Flat Sandals

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 6

Want to flatter your feet and look fabulous, then buy 2-3 pairs of ethnic flat footwear that have a little bling on them. They will go with all those kurtis and even with some of the western wears. It will amplify the glory of a newly wed.

6. Sleepwear and Lingerie

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 7

You will need them for so many things:P When brides go lingerie shopping, they tend to buy the snazziest and sexiest ones to mesmerise their partners, but these kind of lingerie are almost very uncomfortable to wear on a daily basic. So, invest in a variety of lingerie and night wear in different colours, fabrics and patterns to get you through the day comfortably.

7. Non-Traditional Jewellery

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 8

Wearing those heavy gold and diamond pieces could be really uncomfortable. You can get kundan jewellery or pearl jewellery, which not only look really stylish, but is also more wearable. You can buy jhumkis, studs, maang tika, few neck pieces or even kamar band too.

8. Western Clothing

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 9

These may consist of few clothing item that are ready to wear and you would not have to put too much effort into pairing the outfits. Buy pair of fitted jeans, a maxi dress, a short dress, few eye catching tops and anything that you like to wear.

9. Accessories

Small things like safety pins, tampons, bathroom slippers, toiletries, toothbrushes, different hair ties, clips and bangles should not be forgotten.

10. All The Makeup in The World

Must Have Items For a Wedding Trousseau 10

Oh yes, here comes the favourite part. Buy and wear makeup that suits your fancy. Right kind of makeup can increase the self confidence of a girl by so many notches.

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  1. Loved the list Vandana, specially the last point won my heart. I am sure a lot of brides end up buying and putting in a lot of unnecessary stuff while forgetting about these essentials.

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