Must-have Makeup Brushes

Must-have Makeup Brushes

So I went and bought whole lot of brushes from Colorbar today. 😛 Here is the collection of my brushes as well as their usages.:) I have already used all of them once. Couldn’t resist. 😛

Colorbar Foundation Brush: Great brush. Applies foundation like a dream. Is soft, easy to use, blends well, and looks classy.

Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush

Colorbar Fan Brush (Rs 400) : The bristles are of fine quality. Great for soft dusting of  blush/ bronzer on your cheeks. Works well to remove the fallen eye shadows or pigments underneath your eyes. Not a must have brush.  I picked it up because I couldn’t resist its cuteness. 😛

Fan Brush
Fan Brush

Colorbar Angled Eyeshadow brush (Rs 400): A stiff bristles eyeshadow brush. Works excellent for gel eyeliner applications. I would mainly use it for lip liner application. Watch the usage video HERE

Angled Eyeshadow brush

Colorbar Small Eyeshadow Brush (Rs 600): Super fine bristles, very soft and gives a good hold. Great for applying eye shadows, crease work, getting to the inner corner of eyes etc.

Small Eyeshadow Brush

Colorbar Contour Brush (Rs 700): Works well for blush application, contouring, and applying highlighter. Didn’t like it much. It’s a bit scratchy but is fluffy and gives a great control..

Contour Brush
Contour Brush

Colorbar Eye Smudger (small) (Rs 600): I would call it a pencil brush. If you use kajals and liners, this is a must have brush for you. Works wonders for just the right amount of smudging.  Could be used for a little crease work as well.Love it! 🙂

Eye Smudger Small

Here they are in their full sizes.

Colorbar Burshes
Colorbar Brushes

Some of the other brushes I love:

Vega Blush Brush( Max Rs 100-120): I have have this brush for almost an year now. Have washed it zillion times and it’s still the same.  The bristles are fine and sopper dooper soft. A must-have brush.

Vega Blush Brush
Vega Blush Brush

Inglot Blending Brush (Rs 900): I really cannot do anything without this brush. It applies shadows, blends and it’s very rare that you can go wrong with this brush. It’s a small blending brush. It’s round, fluffy and soft.

Inglot Blending Brush
Inglot Blending Brush

Smudger (Rs 25-30 max): I use this brush almost every day. Smudging kajal, you see. 🙂


Powder Brush (Rs 500): I bought this brush almost an year ago from Kunchals. It’s the softest brush I have ever used. It is some no-brand brush. Am obsessed with it.

Powder Brush
Powder Brush

Lip Brush(Rs 20-25): It’s a super soft brush. I don’t apply lipstick with it but I brush it on my lips after I have already applied lipstick. It gives the soft blended look to my lips. I use it to apply lip glosses as well.

Lip Brush

If you are a makeup beginner then following is the list of brushes that you must have:

  1. Powder Brush
  2. Blush Brush
  3. Smudger/ Smudger brush
  4. Eye Shadow Application brush
  5. Eye shadow blending brush

Rest all the brushes are optional and could be added in your collection anytime you want to. 🙂

Ciao! 🙂

What all makeup brushes do you have in your collection?

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36 thoughts on “Must-have Makeup Brushes

  1. Really essential brushes u got there Rati. The foundation brush looks like the Vega one. I bought a Colorbar wide smudging brush too last week n it’s quite nice. . This haul must be a real treat 😀

  2. Hey! V. Good Post! 😀

    We don’t get colorbar brushes here, so I make do with Vega – I too just love their blush brush.

    Except for the fan and contour brush, I have pretty much everything else – but from Vega. I also have an eyeliner brush – this is great for when you want to use powder eyeshadow as liner on upper and lower lashes.

  3. Cynthia, The haul was a treat. I got bored to death from my previous brushes so I just went and bought these. Also a lot of their brushes are already going out of stock so I thought I might as well pick them up. 😛 I got a free red valentine bag from them because my big went a litle ummm hmmmm. 😀 The brushes are of very fine quality. I think I am going to enjoy using them. 🙂

    Tanveer, You have Inglot coming near you. You will get all MAC dupes there. They have a collection of very fine brushes but they are expensive than Colorbar’s brushes and cheaper than the Mac ones. They have this huge Kabuki brush, which I am going to stock soon. I generally apply shadows on top of my liners. They keep my liners in place and also the shadows give them a nice texture. 🙂 Fan brush is just one of the luxury brushes. 😛

  4. love the colorbar brushes. i got a great brush set that cost me about 3k bucks from riyadh when i went there last year. will post about it in my upcoming blog once the blasted exams are over. my brain is such that i just cant start anything new until these godforsaken exams get over.

    i have had a REALLY BAD experience with vega’s powder brush. when i started off with “proper” makeup about two years ago, i desperately needed a large brush that would go all over my face. i settled for vega’s powder brush. later, i used it for applying blush as well, because i found the vega blusher brush too small. i was horribly disappointed! sadly, colorbar had not started off selling makeup brushes and i did not know that body shop had its brushes on sale in india too. so there was basically no alternative in sight and i had to settle for this pathetic brush even though i hated it.

    now let me tell you why i have such negative things to say about vega’s large brushes.

    1. vega’s large brushes are rough, rough, rough! the bristles scratch my skin. BADLY. the situation is further worsened because of my dry and sensitive skin. i thought this problem was exclusive to the powder brush, but when i went to the store to check out the blusher brush, i found that of the same quality.

    2. even when the brush has been thoroughly cleaned of all makeup, the water that drains off continues to be blackish in colour. i guess its the dye that has been used to give the bristles an even colour.

    3. the brush stinks when its wet and being cleaned (near the root of the bristles, where they are held together). and what a putrid smell it is! however the smell does ease off a lot once the brush is dry. maybe its the smell of the strong glue that keeps the bristles together?

    4. even though the brush is dense, the bristles spread out badly towards the end. the powder brush does not solve its purpose of giving a smooth application. when i make an attempt to do so, i end up with a red face due to the constant scratchiness of bristles.

    i could go on and on. thank god for my new brush set from riyadh.

  5. Except the contouring brush, I liked all the brushes from colorbar. I guess I would have to see if it softens more after washing. You take your time in starting your blog. I guess your grad percentage is more important as of now. 🙂

    God! Thanks God I didn’t buy the powder brush. I was on the verge of buying it but then since I was two minded about it, I let go. Another highly disappointing brush set that I have used in past is the one form Bare Essentials. Dammit!! I don’t know what were they thinking while making such hard brushes. I love their range of bath accessories but the brushes were horrible. Since the 5 brush set was for Rs 220, it didn’t hurt me much. I would have been calling them up and yelling at them, otherwise. 😛

    Whatever brushes I have had from Vega, I am done with them now. They are good for starting but not anymore. They don’t give me any feel good factor and for me, I like a bit of a drama and fun in my make up products. 😀

    A stinking!! Can’t imagine that. It’s gross. 😀

    People have good stuff to say about Body Shop’s brushes but I didn’t find them too versatile. Can’t comment much actually because I have not used them. I had my eyes only on their foundation brush but I bought the Colorbar one instead.

  6. Wow!!

    Yesterday, it was Tanveer, with a post on basic make up must haves and here you go about the brushes.

    Am so glad. It actually helps when people of the same skin tone recommend products. Looks like my next trip to Delhi is gonna be full of shopping fun, since we have only Vega here.Need to check out MAC store too 🙂

  7. I think Tanveer and I are very bad at hiding stuff. We end up writing almost everything we know on your blogs. 😛

    Do meet me when you come to Delhi. 🙂 Where are you located right now?

    If you want I could courier you stuff if you have anything specific in mind. You could mail me at and we could sort out the payment and stuff there only.

    Only if you want. 🙂

  8. Hey Rati,

    Thanks for that. Will surely catch up when in Delhi.

    I am currently at Bnglr, but Del is like second home for me..yeah

    Will let u know if I need some urgent makeup he he he…I am talking as if its medicine 😀

    I am sure you will be great company for a spree at M Block..what say??

    ooh excited!!!

  9. I’m using costals scents,revlon and ELF brushes these days, and I’m super impressed with their quality and favourites are costal scents foundation brush,italian badger contour brush,lasge chiesel fluff eyeshadow brush,and elf blush,powder and Elf angled brush is on its way to pakistan 🙂
    Your post is good, so detailed and helpful.all delhi talk is even making me want to come and visit..LOL.

  10. I know about Revlon brushes but they are not avaialble here. 🙁 You must visit Delhi, soon and we will all meet. 🙂

    You are an online shopping addict. Isn’t it? 😛

  11. Hi, thank God at-least I got to know the name of the Company’s. I was tired of searching Indian Company names for buying brushes. It worked over here… Are there any other online sites through which I can buy brushes at nominal rate not costly at all, is it possible?

        1. Nikki,

          You can try the beauty store..theres one at Khar and another one at Kandivali….they do have an ELF counter at the Kandivali one though I am not sure if they stock brushes

            1. Ahh thanks HD,will definatly try to go there next week or so.problem is,I’m heading to Canada in a week and don’t have much tine.I really want the elf Brushes before I go but not
              sure if I can find time.anyway thanks for the quick reply 🙂

            2. ?:-) ?:-)

              I did see the ELF counter when I went there last month…infact I even swatched a couple of things…it ws opp. to the Maybelline counter

  12. oh,and yeah,one more said it was opp to the maybelline you know if they have the maybelline dream mousse concealer?i tried asking in a few places but they only had foundation

  13. Nikki….heres the no. of the kandivali beauty shop 28085702/03/04…since ur running short on time guess you shud just call and check if the things ur looking for are available..will save u on time 🙂

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