12 Must Have Makeup Items to Carry In Office Bag

In this fast-paced life of ours, personal grooming takes a backseat as there are other major priorities that need more attention. Looking presentable at all times is a tedious job for most of us, but with the correct makeup items and products, looking pretty becomes a breeze. With these few items in your purse, you can turn a frown into a smile and smudge into a blush. In short, if you take care of keeping the following items on you at all times or whenever you are on the run, you are assured to turn a pleasant look whenever needed. Not only that, it will also provide you with the opportunity to give instant touch ups to your makeup when you are super busy but have to make a good impression, say at a business interview or when facing a new client at work. These nifty little items can serve as your bag of tricks to turn a tired look at the end of a hard day at work into a resplendent glow of joy and good health and really high spirits – oozing with energy, so to say. So, don’t leave home without them safe tucked in your purse. So, without further ado, let us get started:

1. A moisturizing face wash: Sounds prudent no? Well it is. It is perhaps one of the most basic yet valuable addition to the contents in your purse. It is an essential ingredient that you must carry in your purse at all times to help you wash and moisturize your face and get a fresh look.

2. Moisturizer: What if your face isn’t moisturized enough and looks dry and parched? It is always better to carry a moisturizer separately in your purse to apply it after a quick face wash while on the go.

3. Primer: Never say no to a primer. You can never go wrong with carrying one with you at all times. So, while you are out and urgently need to reapply your makeup, a primer will prove to be rather handy. A good primer will help your makeup stay for longer and keep the shine off your face.

4. Makeup Foundation: When the foundation is good, nothing can go wrong. It aptly applies to makeup essentials as well. If you have a small tube of foundation, you can get even toned and flawless texture with just a few dabs.

5. BB cream: If you do not want to have a fresh face with minimal makeup, without relying on something as heavy as a makeup foundation, BB cream is your thin. A good BB cream will help conceal light imperfections and provide radiant glowing skin in a few minutes.

6. Concealer: Keep a concealer handy, you never know when you might be required to hide your blemishes or dark patches under your eyes.

7. Makeup Powder: Whether compact or loose, never leave home without one or the other. While applying a base with bb cream or moisturizer or maybe just to use the concealer, a powder would always be needed to set the makeup, to keep away oil and shine from your face. Because a powder helps your base stays flawless and keeps your skin from appearing too oily – duh!!! Some compact powders also come with SPF that provide protection against harmful sun rays.

8. Highlighter: In a situation where you are at the office, exhausted and tired, and suddenly you get an invitation to a party (office, surprise, birthday, farewell, business engagement, etc.) which you cannot miss, pulling out a highlighter from your bag would help you get back that radiant glow that you had in the morning. Invest in a good makeup highlighter and add it to your office makeup bag.

9. Eyebrow pencil: Well-groomed eyebrows can give a good lift to your entire face. A good eyebrow pencil will help you fill in brows and make you look younger too.

10. Kajal: No one’s makeup kit is complete without a good kajal. This essential makeup item helps define eyes and face.

11. A natural-toned lipstick: Always invest in a good neutral-toned lipstick and add it to your office bag. Make sure that it has moisturizing properties to nourish and moisturize your lips. Bright and bold lipsticks usually do not work in an office setting – pick mauve, earthy, and light brown, soft brown lipsticks for office wear.

12. Makeup remover: We always stress on what to carry to ensure that we put on the right makeup and look all decked up. All that makeup needs to be taken down at the end of the day when it had its run because if the makeup is not removed properly, it can lead to clogged pores and acne. So, do invest in a good makeup remover.

Well dear readers, I hope that you find this list exhaustive, informative and insightful and of course of utility. Remember to never leave home without putting these few items in your office bag. If you have any queries or would like to suggest an alteration/ modification kindly do not hesitate to reach us through the comments section below. Or even if you have any suggestions and ideas feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section below.


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