Must Have Makeup Products For Beginners

Must Have Makeup Products For Beginners

This post is for those who are just starting out in the huge world of makeup and have just got over the moisturizer-kajal-lip gloss phase, and want to explore more and get more stuff into their kitty.  You would want a few more items in your kitty than the basic eyeliner and n*de lip gloss.  So, here’s a complete check list 🙂  Since you must have already tried hoards of lip glosses and kajal/kohl, not including those items.

1.  Foundation:


So, you must have already tried and tested all the BB and CC creams in the market, and its time to pick a good foundation.  If you want to go high-end, MAC Studio Fix and MUFE HD, Clinique Even Tone are always there, but through the way, there are really good foundations in budget brands like Bourjois Healthy Mix, Lotus Herbals, and Revlon.  The whole trick with foundation is that you should be able to find a perfect match, and from there, its all easy, just like life1

2.  Eyelash Curler:


I  jotted it down quickly before it goes out of my mind.  Eyelash curler can add in so much to eye makeup, it can curl up lashes so beautifully and along with mascara will create amazing drama to your eyes.

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3.  Compact:

Every makeup kit is incomplete without a good compact.  Compact powder sets up your whole makeup so that it stays longer.

4.  Concealer:

Pencil Concealer

When your whole makeup is looking good, under eye circles shouldn’t act as a spoiler, invest in a good concealer to cover your minor imperfections.  Invest in a good one because some concealers can make the under eye area ashy, which is not any better than dark circles.

5.  Lipsticks:

Bobbi brown lipsticks

Pick up a few lipsticks in different shades and finishes – bold red, neutral, peach, brown, regular wear in matte, creamy, satin, and frost finishes.  Believe Neha, one lipstick is never enough! 😛 

6.  Eyeliner:


Again, like lipsticks, one eyeliner is not enough – you need to get liquid, felt tip, gel, and pencil form.  A few coloured eyeliners would also be great.

7.  Blush and Bronzer:


To add a dash of colour to your face, blushers are needed.  If you have dry skin, you can pick up creamy blushes and if you have oily skin, you can try powder blushes.  Bronzers are also necessary if you want to get that sun-kissed look.  Also, highlighter to highlight certain areas on your face.

8.  Mascara:


No makeup kit is complete without mascara, neither for beginners nor for professionals.  A good mascara lengthens, curls, and opens up your eyes to give you an awakened look.  This item should not be skipped at all.

9.  Eyeshadow Palette:


Since you would want to experiment with a lot of different eye makeup looks, its wise to invest in an eyeshadow palette rather than spending money in collecting single eyeshadows.  The most basic one is Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette which has some 88 eyeshadows in one palette and comes at a good price.  You can opt for lesser or more shadows, its your choice.

10.  Makeup Brushes:


There are some awesome makeup brushes in high-end brands like MAC, but you should get a set of brushes, though Sigma and Real Techniques doesn’t come cheap, still, you can get makeup sets at much better pricing.  You should get makeup brushes at least for your eye makeup, common you cannot blend in that well using hands.

11.  Primer:

A primer lets your makeup stay longer and prevents makeup from melting off, so its good if you include that too.

12.  Makeup Remover:


Its “the” important item in your makeup kit.  As you all know, its so essential to remove every trace of makeup at the end of the day so that you don’t end up with clogged pores and breakouts.  Choose a makeup remover that is not harsh on your skin and removes even waterproof eye and face makeup.

That’s it from me, happy makeup-ing!

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28 thoughts on “Must Have Makeup Products For Beginners

  1. Me also a beginner jomol 😛 .. But the only thing missing in my list is eye lash curler *hihi* .. Buying it today itself.. *haan ji*

  2. jomol.. love u for this post.. *puchhi* *happy dance* *happy dance* This was the only thing b/w me and my beginning of make over.. *happydance* *happydance* I am going to make my make up kit soon nw by ur help.. *happydance*

  3. Great post Jomol 🙂 I don’t have eyelash curler, primer and concealer…….should get them soon . Can you suggest a good budget friendly concealer and primer please?

  4. As a beginer I cant thank you how much I loved this post. *haan ji*

    I am still skeptical about going for foundation and compact since I am a office goer. i dont want to look made up *scared*

    1. Sowmya, you should chose lightweight foundations, for example, bourjois healthy mix or lotus purestay but for office wear, tinted one would be good….Lotus one. Compact never looks OTT if you can get a good quality one which matches your skin tone.

  5. V informative post jomol.. really helpful for beginners like me.. *happydance* *happy dance* in my hectic schedule all m able to use is a bb cream gloss and a kohl….. would love to tryyy all othrs..
    Plz suggest a gud concealor..

  6. heee hee cute post jomol ! I have had an eye lash curler for years – still i cant be bothered to use it on almost all days … 😛 same with concealer. For a while I used to just grab my mothers eclat lumiere… but now even that ive stopped completely… major #makeupcrime 😛 *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank*

    1. Janhavi…. *hihi* *hihi* I still do not know how to use that eyelash curler, it does look like a weapon to me….. *hihi* BTW, I really want to mail you about something…..

      1. Hi Jomol,

        Impressive list!

        Like you mentioned, Primer is highly essential part of makeup as we have to apply that before starting makeup. Even if you’re a beginner you want your makeup to stay, don’t you?
        If you don’t prime, its a crime, they say it for all the right reasons.

        Leena Alloriya

  7. Thanku for this wonderful post 🙂 how do we get tat oily look makeup wit shiny apperance?? I wud b happy to knw if u cud share tat 🙂

    1. Hi Nithya.. It can be achieved thru highlighters.. You apply them to the places where light hits your face first.. Bridge of the nose, forehead( b/n eyebrows n above), cupids bow n cheek bones. There r contouring n highlighting techniques which gives the sculpted look. Also, the better the skin quality, better the makeup looks 🙂

  8. WWaaaahhh amazing listttt *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* i have each and every thing but somehow i have not tried using a bronzer with the fear that it will make my face look muddy or dark… don’t even know to use it *hihi* *hihi* *hifive*

  9. wat a post *clap* *clap* .. m absolutely a non makeup person….bt my new yr resolution is 2 try makeup..i saw 1 of my frens lookin so beautiful with mac products *drool* *drool* although m bit nervous *scared* *scared* …bt hitting mac counter soon….wish me luck.. *powder* *powder*

  10. What an essential info for makeup novice people 🙂
    I have ordered eyelash curler after reading reviews in IMBB.. not yet the member of concealer/blushes..

  11. Please be careful while choosing foundation. If u r from a humid place, due to oxidation, the foundation turns into a darker shade. I’ve tried MAC, Mufe, clinique matt foundations, but all turned darker after sometime.. The one which works for me is our very own Lakme 9 to 5 mattying powder foundation.. It’s just amazing, stays on for hrs 🙂 I’m from a coastal region..

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