My Favorite Pink Blushers Collection

My Favorite Pink Blushers Collection

Hey all! Today I am actually showing part of my blush collection that is some amazing pink blushes that are my fav of the lot.They come from all brands and I am sure it will help you pick a pink blush you finally like 🙂

best pink blushers (1)

Deborah natural effect blush cherry

I want to start with a pink I picked up recently from Deborah at Central, the blush turned out very impressive. The blush is a gorgeous classic deeper pink, I had wanted to buy a lighter one than this one, but it was not in stock, since you need a light hand for such pigmented blushes and they might stand out on normal occasions hence I love lighter blushes which I can wear without having to worry and build them up if need be. This is a super pigmented soft textured matte blush.

deborah blush

NYX cream blush:

This is my only cream blush I have from NYX and I quite love it, they make some amazing cream blushes to say the least.

Lotus Herbals Blusher Pink Petal:

You dont need to layer it on, one light swipe is enough, I dont like blushes that are so harsh and deep in color that it really goes out of control. I like this one, as it is just right, you can build it up,or use it for casual wear.Over all a great blush if you are okay with a matte pink and gold sheen to it.

You might want to see how the sheen works for oily skin and for pores, and you might want to check how wearable and matte it goes for the daytime.I use very little and it looks awesome since this pink and all the shades they have are awesome.


Lotus Herbals Strawberry Touch:

This one in strawberry touch is the brightest and pink-iest shade in the lot, like the most pink shade probably in my whole collection. This too has some gold to it but not as much and it really does not show up like the other shades too, it just blends out to nothing and adds a glow instead of adding sparkle to the face. So the base of the blush is matte and powdery but the shimmer really does not contribute in calling it a shimmer blush, it serves as a matte blush only.


Maybelline dream touch blush07:

“Shade 07 is beautiful earthy pink with slight plum tone and specks of plum and silver shimmer in it. The shimmer this blush carries is not chunky/gritty/glittery as such, but I won’t consider it very fine. However, it gives a pretty, glowy finish to the cheeks. I don’t need to wear a highlighter at all over this.”

maybelline cream blusher


Maybelline dream mousse blush 40

The blush is very soft-textured and has a mousse like consistency as the name says. The container is a glass jar like with a pink screw plastic lid. I find it quite cute. The blush seems to be flaky but when I pick it up and apply it blends very nicely and gives an even finish. Also it has tiny shimmer particles. This is the first time I am trying a shimmery blush but I admit I love it a lot (in fact more than my matte blushes). The shimmer is not OTT and it’s so fine that you need a pretty close look to see them. It just gives your cheek a fabulous pink glow.

Lakme absolute blush duos pink blush

The colors are so pretty but the texture is quite hard but they make for a pretty pink.

Lakme absolute blush duos rose blush

Pump up your drama quotient! Get that expert like professional finish with the Lakme Absolute Face stylist blush duos. The luminous and silky formula gives a natural looking radiance to your skin. Giving your cheeks a hint of color that blends effortlessly for a luminous finish. Blends effortlessly. Even color pay off. Excellent shading. Luminous and silky.

lakme absolute blushers

Lakme absolute day blushes:

This is my most fav pink blush ever. The texture of the blush is just right, just perfect. Since its a blush, we don’t want them to be too soft or else we might pick up a lot of color and end up looking like a clown. But on the other hand, we don’t want it to be hard that we keep swirling the brush on it(has happened with my Bourjois blush, believe it or not).The blushes feel very soft, especially the “day blushes” shade is very smooth and the shimmer is almost invisible on a matte base.

Bourjois Cendre de Rose Brune Blush

Cendre de Rose Brune, was love at first sight. This is the perfect pink any girl can have, matte soft rose, doll pink and super light and lovely and so natural for my complexion. I am already researching on what I want next from their blush range.

Purely pro blush in universal

I got this in the velvette box and I loved the texture and color a lot.

bourjois blusher

Jordana blush in blushing rose

The shade is a gorgeous plummy-deep pink and I don’t have such shades at all in my kit. I do own a hell lot of blushes since these are a recent craze with me and I am busy hoarding, selecting what will be right for me. As of now, I am falling for shades that have a sheen to them like this one. The plummy shade has a beautiful golden duochrome sheen to it, which my camera did capture a little. The golden sheen adds to the glow on the cheeks and makes it more of an evening wear.

maxfactor blush

The name says natural glow, alright, its a very pretty pink and it has silver shimmer, so it does not make it natural, the powder is too matte.

Streetwear Stay On Blush Pink Sugar

The blush is soft, pigmented and smooth to apply. It is not those kinds where you put it on the cheek and then it refuses to blend. This one is powdery, may be a little chalky as well but that is what makes it so matte, perfectly matte. The powdery texture makes it not so concentrated and hence it blends on evenly like a dream. It really does not leave you cheeks looking patchy but gives a fresh look. You can wear this over just your powder as well and it will look perfect for day wear. Once it blends it wont look so stark pink. And the matte finish keeps it looking natural.

best pink blushers (3)

And my collection of pinks again..
best pink blushers (3)

So ladies, which ones did you like? Do you have any of these blushes?

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  1. OMGG neha!!! Drooolll overload!!! *drool* *drool* *drool* I love my pink blushes as well. feel like picking up the bourjois one again *happydance* *happydance*

  2. Nice collection and pretty color too. I like the maybelline and bourjois. Just partial to the round dabbas i guess + they are creamy which i like. Not big on blushes (more bronzer style person) but the maybelline mouse looks kinda tempting 🙂

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