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I have used umpteen types of shampoos and I haven’t found a better alternative. This hair care range by L’occitane is something I swear by. I use the conditioner, shampoo and the mask. They work brilliant for my hair. These are very gentle as well.

Reviews HERE, HERE, and HERE

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I am obsessed with the Kerastase Elixir Ultime. Obsessed. I love it. Since i have normal to dry hair, it works like a magic to add shine, life and strength to my hair. I am halfway through the bottle and I am so repurchasing it. 🙂 Review HERE

Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a new addition. Bought it on Vini’s reco. Love it completely. It is one of the best heat protectant I have ever used. Full review HERE

kerastase hair care

Mousse and Hair Spray: I think all of us are obsessed about having voluminous hair. That’s where mousse comes into play. I apply mousse on my towel dried hair.. mainly on the roots in lifting (scrunching) way and then blow dry my hair. I end up having huge hair. 😛

And if you like to hair hair like THIS . Then use take some mousse between your palms and scrunch your towel dried hair. You’d end up with a beachy wet haired kind of a look. 🙂

I use this L’oreal Volume Techniart ( Rs 550). It not only scrunches the hair brilliantly. It also holds the scrunch, does not make hair crunchy, adds a ton of volume and easily comes off once you brush your hair (if you are going for that full head scrunched look). But if you are using it only in the roots, the volume in the hair stays until your wash your hair next. It does not have any funny smell to it as well.

I wanted a hairspray for everyday use. And my main concern was that I didn’t want that crispy hair that L’oreal Elnett Hair Spray gives. So I picked up this Enliven Hair Spray ( Rs 325). I would say it is pretty decent. It does not make hair crunchy but it does not have a strong hold either. It’s just fine. If you are looking for something that would give you a strong hold and wouldn’t move  a single hair during the day , this is not something you should be going for.

I made this bun in morning yesterday and my hair were pretty much like this the entire day. But there were some fly aways but I don’t mind that. I don’t like very prefect hair anyway.


loreal hair spray

These are the only two tools I use from my hair. Both the hair dryer and the straightener are from Philips and I LOVE them. I am yet to get into the hair curling territory but if I find a good curling iron, I think I’d give it a go. 🙂 Review HERE and HERE

philips hair dryer

The only thing that you don’t see here is the hair oil. I use Figaro olive oil. I started using it because I can’t use scented hair oils. They give me headache. Have been stuck with the olive oil since years now. And it works just fine for my hair. I use it once a week.

So that’s it. I hope you found this post helpful. 🙂

I want something.. may be a wax to fix my baby hair. If you have a suggestion , please let me know. 🙂

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60 thoughts on “My Hair Care Army

  1. Thanks for sharing this Rati!
    Could you please share which exact product is the one you’re featured here from L’oreal Volume Techniart range? Sounds very promising…

    1. I looked it up online, but not sure whether what you’ve featured is L’oreal Volume Techniart VOLUME RICHE or L’oreal Volume Techniart VOLUME LIFT or something else altogather…

  2. Rati…….I was dying to see this post…..I am going to get that mousse and hair spray you bet. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* I have to start on Kerastase and Loccitane products too. I know so many people wanted to know your hair secrets, and this updated one is such a treat *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  3. very nice post…..Kerastase products r really good! *drool* may i add here…that u are blessed wt great hair anyways…. *pigtail* *pigtail*

  4. i need silicone free hair serum which works like loreal ultime liss..i have really frizzy dry hair.please suggest rati didi *scared* *thankyou*

  5. Wow! Much awaited post, thanks a ton Rati! I would love to try the loccitine products but they are too expensive :/
    I will surely try the hairspray though. Where can I get it?

  6. This post was so much needed…Have seen u in buns, straight hair and even other hair doos….But nothing beats that beachy hair 🙂 I will try this mousse for sure *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  7. Same pinch on the shampoo and conditioner! But these says I’m also loving Brocato treatment amazing it is for my hair! Got in my may Vellvette box:)
    Have you tried essential oils on hair? They work beautifully my newly found hair oil mix! – rosemary, olive oil, grapeseed oil, evening primrose and argan works amazingly! *haan ji*

  8. Woooow you look sooo cute in that bun *whistle* *whistle* and i wanna really try the heat protectant as i keep on something or the other on my hair with the straightner *happy dance* *happy dance* and i also want a curling iron but i do curls with a straightner.. gives awesome results… and also wanna buy the loreal volume spray *happydance* *happydance* *thankyou* *thankyou* very much for this post…. almost all the things that i want *puchhi*

    1. Saloni, you still recommend that Shwarzkopf(sp?) wala repair rescue ends? Is it still working as good? I was about to place an order for it but thought will check with you on the same 🙂

      1. Yesss Tanvi it worked great for my hair *hifive* even i finished the earlier tube now going to order a second one *drool* apply it at night tome n wash ur hair and apply a serum n all the frizz will go may give a different result but its surely worth a try but as far as i know it will give great results to damaged frizzy hair and ends *happydance*

    2. oh yeah I wish I could do that.. 🙁 But anyway I am in a lookout for a good curler so I’d try to learn with that :)) thank you :))

  9. Hair care Army!! 😛 😛 Super cool title!!!! *jalwa* I love your choices!!!! *haan ji* *haan ji* You look soooooooo cutie pie in the picture *puchhi* *puchhi*
    I was looking for a good hair tools and I guess I am going to ask my mom to buy me those *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  10. U look sooo gorgeous in that pic, I had to go back n read the post properly after drooling for a good 5 min *drool* *drool* I LOVE what u’ve been doing with ur hair lately! *woot* *woot* And I am looking for that Elixir Ultime, have heard SO many ppl rave abt it, it seems to be the best hait potion EVER! *clap* *clap* *clap*
    I have the same dryer-straightener duo, bought it on urs n Jomo’s reco. I am yet to use the straightener as I am terrified of missing some portions n having split personality hair *scared* *scared*

  11. I’m glad u liked the heat protectant….
    the pic is superBBB u looking BEAUTIFUL and such a stylish bun for everyday …
    Me currently loving Kerastase Elixir range and loving it …
    I’m looking for a straightener, this one seems good will look for dis…
    Awesome post *clap* *clap*

  12. I wanna start with the L’occitane hair care range now and also the L’oreal mousse..tempted to try both… *pigtail* *happy dance*

  13. Ratiiii…one more doubt!! How do you use the Elixir ultime in combination with your loccatine shampoo and conditioner? I mean, after shampoo, you use your conditioner, towel dry and then apply the elixir ultime?

  14. *thankyou* *thankyou* soo much for sharing this.. Your hair is really gorgeous and i so love the high bun.. so chic *clap* *whistle* M going to buy the drier and straightener now *ghost*

  15. awesome post Rati di, I want to buy the same hair dryer, but it doesnt comes widout straightener… *waaa* *waaa* I do nt wanna spend in straightener as my hair already straight *waiting* *waiting*

  16. Rati u got so nice hair(just like my team lead)…I wish I could have those silky n straight hair 🙁
    but anyways I need your advice for curly(Maggi/small curls not Nigerian kind of) *hihi* ….wen ill wash them thy will be awesome for 15-20mins once thy will b dried its just looks like satya saibaba’s hairstyle or a nest :(….Plz Plz suggest something so that I can showoff my curls *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

  17. hey rati.. can you pls recommend me sum shampoo oil n conditioner for my hair.. density for my hair is very less.. got very thin hair…. n m lil bald frm frnt.. n my frnt hair are very short.. dey grow in a upward direction.. n my hair r very dry n frizzy.. pls recommend me sumthn..i realy need ua hlp..i want my hair to b lyk bfre.. thick silky straight hair.. :'( help me out.. ppl tease me due too no hair ahead.. :'(

  18. Hey nice article (as always) Rati..!! *clap* Love your healthy hair.. *touchwood* *shy* Could you please tell me which heat protectant do you use before using flat iron? 🙂 I had bought this flat iron a year back.. and i had split ends after using it. *waaa* I’m still searching for a good heat protectant.. *headbang* Plzzzzzzzzz help me.. I’m very crazy for straight hair.. *shy* 😀

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