My Hair Care Routine For Soft and Lustrous Hair

I have been trying out so many hair care products recently because I absolutely love giving some extra TLC to my hair, to a point that if I have to choose between hair care and skin care, I will choose hair care without any doubt. In the process, I have some stumbled upon some good, some bad and some really ugly products. I know my HGs, but I like trying out new stuff, so thought about sharing my current hair care routine with you all. Okay, so let’s get into business straightaway 🙂

Soft and Lustrous Hair

I have normal to dry hair; they tend to go frizzy if not moisturized well. I got my hair colored a while back at a reputed parlor as I did not want to take chances with my beloved hair 😛 I used to have very thick hair, but due to some health issues and the hard water in Chennai, I lost quite a bit of volume. Thankfully, the crazy hair fall has stopped, but I am yet to get back my “original hair.”

My Hair Care Routine For Soft and Lustrous Hair

Hair Oil:  I am pretty irregular with oiling my hair, may be once a week and that too, it’s a super quick session. Whenever I keep the oil for long in my hair, I get headaches, so it is mostly on, for an hour or so. I alternate between Kama Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment and The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Oil and they both work equally well.

Hair oils

Shampoo:  I have lost count of the number of shampoos I have tried recently and right now, it is Wella Sp Luxe oil shampoo (reviewing it super soon). I generally shampoo my hair every alternate day as my scalp sweats a lot in the hot humid climate of Chennai and I hate the sticky feel. I try to dilute the shampoo most of the times, but honestly, I cheat quite often.


Conditioner:  Right now, I am trying out L’Oreal Ever Curl Conditioner and I am yet to form an opinion on it. I HAVE to condition my hair every time I shampoo, so it happens every alternate day as well. I mostly focus the conditioner on the lengths and ends of my hair, but it works best when I flip my hair, that way I can reach as close to the roots as possible without touching the scalp.

Loreal conditioner

Hair Mask:  Oh, I love hair masks. Currently, using the Oleo therapy hair mask by L’Oreal and loving it to bits. Though masks are meant to be used once weekly/fortnightly, I tend to use masks twice weekly. I said I love to pamper my tresses and masks are my ideal way of showing love to my hair.

Loreal hair mask

Serum/Leave-in/Spray Conditioner:  Since the past few years, serums have become an integral part of hair care. I feel incomplete when I skip this step in my routine. Though, I am not a big fan of the L’Oreal Colour Glow Oil, I am trying to finish it up soon. Spray conditioner is something new to me and it has been a boon for the lazy days, have only one from Schwarzkopf and that works really well. Trying out a cute Sunsilk Leave In conditioner, I got as a gift; expect the review super soon as well.

serum leave in spray conditioner

Now, there is a new thing that I am trying out and super excited about the same. It is a cleansing conditioner and I believe people were not happy with conditioning shampoos, so the companies had to come out with something similar, but not same. This works as a one-step process, but do not expect it to wash off oil or gunk completely. If you have otherwise clean hair and scalp, but still need a head bath, this can come in handy.

Also, now that the little chill that was there in Chennai, has completely vanished, my dandruff phase is also over. I was using the Shampeeling by Wella and that worked well on my mild dandruff. I rarely use hot tools on my hair and hence heat protection is something I am not really into.

I am not really a parlor person. I go to parlors only to get my brows done and hence hair spa, though necessary, is often given a miss! But when I was losing hair like crazy, I made hair spas a monthly affair and trust me, if done well, they show results. If you have the time and resource, make sure to get a hair spa done once monthly at the parlor or at home.

Well, that is pretty much all about my hair care routine. Do let me know if you want to know anything specific about any product and also what is your hair care routine. I would love to know what more I can/should do to have beautiful bouncy hair, do comment.

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  1. I NEED to pick up so many products from this list rash..esp that mask and the mythic oil. have been wanting to change my hair care for a while. I think that’s where I am starting. 😀 Absolutely loved your routine!! :)) waiting for the wella review!! 🙂

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