My Personal Experience with Keratin Treatment

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about my personal experience of getting a Keratin treatment. I’ve always had unruly, curly hair since I can remember. I have gone through a phase when I hate it immensely. Then I’ve loved my curls and embraced them, and wore my hair curly on most days, using a flat iron on some days or just on the front of my hair.

My Personal Experience with Keratin Treatment


A month ago, I decided to cut my hair very short. I was tired of the heavy maintenance and upkeep of long, curly hair, so I went in for a chop. With the cut, the stylist also ironed my hair and I loved the way it looked. I was so happy with the change that I talked to the stylist about Keratin. She told me all about it and I spent a week thinking if I should get it. My natural hair did not suit the cut at all so I booked for a treatment.

I researched for the best treatment in my city and I talked to the stylist at length about how harmful it’s going to be, about formaldehyde scares and all that stuff. I think it is very important to be well informed before making this decision.

Keratin is a smoothing treatment, primarily for women with curly, frizzy hair. It does not make your hair straight. It makes it smooth and eliminates frizz. If you want pin straight hair, you will still need to flat iron it.

My Personal Experience with Keratin Treatment

The procedure takes around 1-2 hours. First, the hair is washed thoroughly and the Keratin cream is applied on it. Then the hair is blow dried all around to reduce the wetness. Then each section of hair is blow dried to fall straight and flat ironed until heat is passed on it 5-6 times. This makes the hair pin straight.

This should be maintained as is for 72 hours and no water, sweat or any moisture should fall on it. You will also be prevented from using clips, pins and scrunches on the hair. After 72 hours when you wash it off, you will see your Keratin treated hair.


The treatment was priced at $300. If you are getting this treatment done, make sure you get the best salon. You might get a better offer elsewhere, but you will be doing it at the cost of your beautiful hair. So if you want to do this, splurge on the best salon in your city.

Dealing with the cons of Keratin:

1. Keratin does nothing to the hair: After the treatment and first wash, my hair feels silky and smooth. My curls have loosened out and there is absolutely no frizz in my hair. It’s unbelievable.

2. The formaldehyde is carcinogenic: We ingest lots of carcinogens on a daily basis from parabens to the foods we eat. Talking to the stylist about how much formaldehyde they are going to be using, looking at the ingredient list and doing a better research can be very helpful.

3. Hair fall: I think an easy way to scare women is hair fall. Just say oh my hair is falling and everyone panics. Every person uses a variety of different products in their routine. If someone says a product makes their hair fall, take a good look at their routine. Again, discussing these with the stylist might be a good idea. I have not experienced any sort of hair fall after this treatment. In fact, because of the shorter cut, I have even less hair fall than before.

4. It looks unnatural: Keratin is a smoothing treatment, not a straightening treatment. It just makes my curls loose and I have wavy-ish hair. Even when my hair starts growing, it will just blend in with the waves and not look unnatural.

My Personal Experience with Keratin Treatment

Picture 1 is before the treatment, picture 2 is after applying the keratin treatment, picture 3 is immediately after treatment and picture 4 is after the first wash. Picture 4 is the most accurate of how your hair will look.

I love how my hair looks and feels now. I do miss my curls a lot, but this is something I’ve always wanted. It takes me five minutes to do my hair now versus 45 minutes that I used to take earlier. I will go back to my natural curls later but for now, I love this!

I would definitely recommend this to all frizzy haired girls who are looking to have manageable hair. If you are at a phase in your life where you want to experiment, go for this. I swear, you’ll love it.

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18 thoughts on “My Personal Experience with Keratin Treatment

  1. Sounds good for frizzy hair I always wanted to go for treatment like this BT I don’t want to treat my hair with camicals. Great and very well written post.

  2. I m considering getting this done. But what about the time when your hair starts growing back. Doesnt that look odd?? curly from the roots and smooth through the length?

  3. Hey guys !
    I have read many useful advices given by u guys…..but this time I was thinking of getting a personal advice regarding hair treatment . I have gone to my nearby salon to get to know about hair treatment they recommended SHINE BOND as keratin therapy comes with some side effects ( like cancer and hair fall by hairfall I means literal hair fall way towards baldness ) is that really true ???? As I have straight hair but I only need to overcome my frizzy hair only and they got damaged this summer help me guyss!!!!!

  4. Hiii…
    which shampoo is best to maintain keratin treated hair… please do reply.. and how long does it will be a silk???

  5. As someone who has been exposed to keratin treatments, I can tell you that the heat and formaldehyde can penetrate into your hair follicles which can permanently damage it. Meaning, repeated exposure to such heat and chemicals will cause hairfall and chances are there that the hair may not grow back because of the permanent damage done to the hair follicles. THAT BEING SAID, you would have to repeatedly expose yourself to too much of it. So my tip for you is to limit your exposure. Perhaps, keratin treatments could be done once a year or maybe once in two years.

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