My Second Laser Session at Kaya Skin Clinic (Pain Free)

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to update you guys on my laser under arm treatment at Kaya. (You may read my experience with first session HERE . I have to get 4-5 sessions before starting with with bi-yearly maintenance sessions.

The doctor examined my underarms and I was so glad that there were very few strands of small hair, which were regrown. 😀

The doctor suggested the pain free hair reduction session for me this time.

This session was just amazing. First, it is 98% pain free. You’d feel the warm sensation on your skin but other than that you’d barely feel any pain. If there is any hard hair root that is being burnt by lazer , you’d probably feel the prick for 2 seconds and then you’d be fine again.

Plus this complete session barely lasted for 20 minutes.  So I was in and out of the clinic in no time. 😀

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My hair growth has reduced so much that my next session is after two months now. *happydance* It feels great! 🙂

I highly recommend all of you to give laser a try. There are following offers going on at Kaya at the moment.

Under-arms hair-free session trial at the cost of waxing (at Rs. 85)
Upgrade to Under-arm hair-free package (6 sessions) at 48% off (Rs. 7,999 instead of Rs. 15300)

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You may check out the Kaya Clinics in your city HERE. You may also check some informational videos and FAQs about KAYA HERE

kaya skin clinic delhi

Some of your mentioned about chin hair re-growth even after you have had full laser sessions done. The doc mentioned that this could be because of hormonal issues. So you should definitely get your hormonal tests done. 🙂

If your skin is very sensitive,  you would have to to take extra post treatment care than someone who would have a normal skin skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Benefits, Side Effects and Cost in India


17 thoughts on “My Second Laser Session at Kaya Skin Clinic (Pain Free)

  1. Rati, good for you… it’s great too not depend on salon and creams.. *pompom* *pompom* I’m going to give this a serious thought.. *secret* *secret*

  2. *happydance* *happydance* i have always dreamt of being hair free in the right way *happy dance* this is soooo cool

  3. Amazing yaaa… *woot* *woot* lucky you na that your hair growth reduced soooo much *hifive* *pompom* *pompom* not even i feel like getting it done *hifive* *hifive*

  4. Hi Rati, did you get the diode laser? cos I think that is the only one which is pain free. however I have noticed that ND-yag is more effective(painful) than Diode. *headbang*

  5. I can imagine how relief u must .. Free from shaving and waxing *clap* *clap* yoohooo I seriously will check up with kaya

  6. I always think about this laser but after listening bad reviews from my friends and colleagues i become bit skeptical. You know what one of my colleague, she has been going to parlor for laser from past 3years. Her hair were never removed permanently, regrowth is there after 2 months. she is obliged that she got lifetime free maintenance thing otherwise she would have gone crazy and same issue was with my neighbor also.
    neither they had any hormonal imbalance.
    Good to know that you are enjoying and happy with this 🙂 🙂

  7. Hii,

    After reading your review, very next day itself i went and took the package for underarms,.. The trial session was awesome just loved it- there service and welcome drink both, but when next day as I asked to give me the appointment- to speak with the dermatologist- on the phone they booked but it was actually not booked, then forcefully I made a point to speak with dermatologist, and I personally found her very rude, that’s was the only negative point over there, but the staff who and the lady who was handling my case she was very helpful and understanding, trusting on her I decided to go for the package— nywyz next month is my 1st session due… just hoping for the best. 😉
    Only question I have- is there doctors are proper certified doctor like holding a degree like MBBS or MD in dermatology or some diploma holders…. Just curious, want to know their qualification details, if you could help me out with that Rati that would be great….

  8. I always thought it would be much more expensive that 15k… but can’t see my parents agreeing to it any time soon… laser will just scare them off. So maybe in the future..after I get married or something!

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