My Skin Care and Hair Care Routine

skin care routine rati

So this is on popular demand. Here is my skin care routine. Of late I have been using a lot of Forest Essential products and all of them seen to be working great for me. I have normal to dry skin. Here you go! 🙂

Cleansers :

  • Kara Facial Wipes : Super liking them. They are very gentle and calming on skin. Review HERE
  • L’occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel Review HERE
  • Kama Rose Facial Cleanser
  • Kama Mridul Facial Cleanser – works as my scrub as well. Review HERE
  • Forest Essential Purfiyng Soy Milk Cleanser Review HERE
  • Chanel Eye Makeup Remover Review HERE

Facial Cleansers

Moisturizers for Day and Night:

  • Forest Essentials Indian Rose and Marigold Day Lotion Review HERE
  • Vichy Sunscreen Review HERE
  • Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Eye Gel Review HERE
  • Forest Essentials Panchpushp Facial Mist Review HERE
  • Forest Essentials Eternal Youth Formula Review HERE

face creams rati

Face Packs :

  • Aromamagic Seeweed Pack Review HERE
  • Forest Essentials Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep (recently starting using it so can’t say much about it at the moment but would update about it soon. 🙂


face masks rati

My hair care routine. I oil my hair once a week and these are the three products I use.

I have recently started using the serum from the same range. It’s working fine for me so far.

Hope it helps! I personally think that one should be open to trying various products. You eventually reach a place where you know what definitely works for you. Good Luck! 🙂


39 thoughts on “My Skin Care and Hair Care Routine

  1. Thank you so much for this Rati. Even though I have oily skin, I can incorporate a whole lot of products from this post into my skin care routine :*

  2. I have the same Kara wipes variant with me and the best thing about them is they don’t sting or dry out the skin 🙂 same pinch 🙂

  3. Recently, I changed my face wash, powder and sunscreen which ended up in breakouts on my face. Now I don’t know which of these 3 products caused it. 🙁

    1. Hi Lakshmi….check if any of these products have any oils in them. If your face wash is leaving any film behind, chuck it out. Sunscreen if its not non-comedogenic or gel, then it might be the reason 🙂

  4. Awesome.. m definitely going for them.. I guess they are gud for oily skin too naa? M craving for forest essentials pdts… :p

  5. Hmmph now I feel ashamed of myself…I just use a face wash and lacto calamine. I feel it’s time now, I should get my lazy a** up start following a proper regime.

  6. Ratiiiiiii.. so nice to see your regime. Guess what.. I have bought the eternal youth formula. Havent started using it yet as my current night cream is yet to get over but just looking at it gives me joy..!!!! 😀 😀

    Last week, my hubby went to Chennai and I asked him to get me cleanser n toner from TBS.. had I known about FE’s cleanser and toners, would have asked him to get these instead. But its okay. I will use these aaraam se when I move to Delhi in next few months.. 😀

  7. Jomol – I use biotique bio carrot sun screen. As with all sun screens it leaves a greasy texture.
    Face wash does not leave any filmg layer, it just gives a clean and dry texture to my skin. And I didn’t get by that non comedogenic

  8. Ohh…this is the raaz!! 😀 you are beautiful with or without these…I personally feel it is the inner beauty that makes you stand out in the crowd…God bless!

  9. Lovely post…rati please review FE Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep…i want to try that..
    i buy most of the products based on your reviews and yes i love reading them as well…so if possible please do a review on

  10. I am getting all the hair products u listed! Just love your hair…Rati, do you use flat iron or hair dryer before taking pics for blog? Is this how your hair naturally looks?

      1. Rati di it wud be more helpful if yu tell wat straightening products you used primarily while getting it done and what products and ironer while you do it urself ?
        Did I tell you I am such a devoted follower of IMBB and worship the site all day and night 🙂 its been such a treasure for me for the past 6 months and YOU…you are a sweetheart simply working in here and helping so many women.
        We all love you *hugs*

  11. Hey Rati …long time i dint get to pamper myself ( got a 1.4 yr old kid)…..wud buy some of them for sure ….U hav a very lovely skin n nice crown (hair) to complement…keep going will wait for more secret at ur end…..;)

  12. thnks Rati for sharing this with us….i really admire ur hair….its amazing…touch wood….i too hav dry skin, will surely try these products….

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