7 Myths About Hair Removal With Razor Busted

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Waxing and epilating have been the two go-to options for most girls to get the hair-free smooth skin. But both of them are painful and may cause redness and discomfort. But recent advertising has made razor such a lucrative option for us. You can sit in the comfort of your house and remove hair without much pain. But many people shy from shaving as they have some pre-conceived notions about using a razor. In this post, I will bust those long-standing myths about hair removal using a razor.

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1. Hair grows back thicker and faster

Let me assure you, this is not the case. Using a razor blade doesn’t determine the rate of hair regrowth. So, contrary to the myth, hair definitely doesn’t grow back coarser or faster by using a razor. Your genetic makeup and hormones determine how fast your hair grows back. Also, since the hair seems to look coarser or thicker when it is growing, and this occurs even when other hair removal techniques are used.

2. Shaving cream isn’t necessary

A dedicated shaving cream might not be necessary, but at least you should use your conditioner. Shaving gels and creams provide a lubrication layer and help the blade to move smoothly on your skin without the fear of nicks and cuts. Just soap and water might not be an ideal choice for shaving, especially for a larger area.

3. New razor blade gives nicks and cuts

Womens Shaving Razor

No, it doesn’t. In fact, an old and dull blade tends to scrape your skin and give uneven shaving, which also results in nicks and cuts. If you don’t know how to use a razor properly, a new razor blade will probably give you the perfectly smooth skin you want.

4. Shaving the same area will give smoother skin

That’s an insane idea. Shaving one spot over and over will definitely cause skin irritation and may result in chafing. If you have rough spots or stubble in a particular region, you probably need to throw out your old blade. Do not go over the same area multiple times anticipating a closer shave.

5. Shaving every day is not a good idea

If your hair is thick and grows fast, you may feel the need to shave every day. And shaving doesn’t harm your skin in any way. It actually removes the dead skin cells too, so you might want to shave regularly to have gorgeous looking smooth skin.

6. Shaving causes flakiness of skin

Shaving whisks away the top layer of dead cells which contribute to dryness. Dryness is caused by low levels of moisture of the skin. If you use a proper shaving cream while shaving, your skin might become very smooth with no hint of dryness.

7. Shaving bikini area is a no-no

Young woman shaves her crotch with a razor Shaving crotch

It completely depends on your skin’s sensitivity. If your skin isn’t hypersensitive, then you can skip the hassle of bikini waxing and get bikini flaunt-worthy skin with just a razor. A clean, comfortable and close shave are possible with a razor without any irritation. It’s just about skin types and choices of an individual.

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