6 Myths Related to Hair Straightening

By Chanchala Bose

The long, smooth and silky hair is everybody’s goal nowadays. Nobody wants those heavy waves, curls and frizz anymore. But there is a price to everything. You can’t get beautifully straight hair without taking a few risks and those risk factors may not be enough to stop you from getting it done, but still, you need to be attentive about the products you are using among other things. But is that really safe? There are several myths floating around which keep most of the curious women in the dark, so let us just talk about those myths and see whether they hold any credibility or not.

Hair Straightening Myths

1. Itchy scalp

Nobody wants an itchy scalp. And the fear of having to suffer it till eternity is strong enough for most women to never get their hair straightened. See, there are many different chemicals and lotions that are used while straightening the hair. Yes, some of them may cause symptoms like itchy scalp, redness and inflammation. But that is the case only when the person is allergic to that particular chemical.

2. Hair-fall

hair loss

Hair-fall will take place no matter what you do. Even without straightening the hair, you may see a few hundreds of your hair falling down on the daily basis. But that should never be a cause for concern. There are many ways to tackle the hair-fall. Straightening doesn’t cause the hair fall directly. But the silkiness and the added smoothness in the hair post the process is the real culprit.

3. Permanent damage

That depends on so many factors. What kind of a salon is it? Is the person doing the straightening is experienced or not? If the professional is quite experienced and have the decent knowledge of human hair, there is no risk. But in case you decide to take the risk for saving some extra bucks, you may have to pay the price.

4. Hair looks long

Of course, the hair looks longer post straightening; but that is a visual illusion and nothing more than that. If the hairs are curly or wavy, they can look almost double the length of what they looked before straightening.

No combing

This is a massive relief for the girls and women with the curls that get tangled irritatingly in the combs. After the straightening goes as expected, the combs swirls though the hair as swiftly as a knife in the butter. This is a feeling that is totally worth all the risks.

5. Washing everyday

hair loss

Many women believe that once the hair gets straightened, they need to be washed every other day. Yes, the pollutants may cause a deep harm to your straightened hair but that doesn’t mean that you need a wash every day. That depends on how much you go out, there is no rule.

6. Specific products

Once your hair gets straightened, you don’t really have the option of washing your hair with the next shampoo that you can put your hands on. The expert will prescribe some special brands of shampoos, serums and conditioners and you shall not try anything beyond that.

So there are a few myths and scary stories surrounding the process of hair straightening but in reality, it’s just another process with its own share of good sides and bad sides. It depends entirely upon you but you just have to make sure that you get it done by the hands of a total professional if you don’t want to turn the hair straightening process into a nightmare.

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