Nail Art Designs by Rhea

Rhea wanted to share some of her nail art designs with you guys. πŸ™‚

Flower Sprinkle
Flower Sprinkle

Nail Art Design Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Design

Nail Art Designs

Reachin' for the Stars - Nail Art
Reachin' for the Stars

Nail Art Designs Check out Rhea’s blog :

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64 thoughts on “Nail Art Designs by Rhea

  1. πŸ™‚ But you have a very neat hand, Rhea. Learning from youtube isn’t easy until you are talented yourself. πŸ™‚ :yes: :yes:

    And welcome to IMBB . πŸ™‚

  2. I’m so glad I came across your blog on indiblogger. I didn’t even know there were any Indian beauty blogs out there, I’ve hardly come across any. I was never able to find any good advice on brands available here, so I ended up spending a lot by ordering nail lacquers from the U.S.
    ( & paying those ridiculous shipping rates).
    .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

      1. I sure will! I remember buying some a couple of years ago, in those cute little bottles. They come in a larger bottle now right?

        But right now I have over 120 nail lacquers( & 49 nail art pens), so I’m gonna resist buying more for right now :laugh:
        .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

        1. Firstly….wht the hell is nail marbelling??? I feel like I am living in some other world…havnt even heard abt it and here there are kids much younger than me discussion their problems!!!!

          n Rhea : 120 nail paints!!!!!! that is a freaking collection……….Neha showed us her never ending lipstick collection and now you should show us ur nail paints collection….

          1. 120 nail paints? 😯 😯 I think colorbar has less shades then. :rotfl: :rotfl:

            I also don’t know what nail marbelling is. :((

  3. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow amazinggggg…the first and third one are my fav. … :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. I cant stop looking at the second and third ones! the 3rd one is ssooooooo pretty :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :inlove: :inlove: …now i feel sad that i cut my nails, :-(( ,,i am gonna grow em out the try water marbling … :-*

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚

      Actually, I’ve just cut my nails too, cuz my school will start in about a week’s time, & I don’t think the teachers will appreciate funky nail art on long nails.
      .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

            1. :blush: Hehe, actually I have been into art & painting since the beginning. In fact, I plan to take that as my career. So already having a fairly steady hand, getting into nail art wasn’t all that difficult. Trust me, painting on nails is waaaay easier than actually working on a canvas πŸ˜›
              .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Head2toeBeauty haul! =-.

              1. hehe…..i am more into makeup but because of u i am going to try my first water marbling 2nite..if all goes well i will try to send rati sum pics to show evryone… :-))

  5. These are like AWESOME…!!!!

    Rhea even i do nail marbelling but sometimes i do get bubbles do you know how to rectify that..???
    Also if you put up in delhi can you please suggest me where can i buy nail art stuff from don’t know about any place..!!

    1. Yups was thinking of doing a video on it for Imbb but i dont have the least bit idea about how to edit videos.. so never talked about it with you..!!!

  6. When I end up with bubbles while water marbling, I add a matte topcoat instead of a glossy one. It hides the bubbles and looks damn cool! I have not yet come up with a way to prevent the bubbles though πŸ™

    I just moved to Delhi about a month ago, so I’m not that familiar with the markets & malls here. I had bought my nail art pens from ebay. But in Delhi, I’ve seen nail art pens and stickers in that place called ‘rajouri garden’ or something like that, not sure of the name or spelling πŸ˜›
    .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

    1. Oh wow then i will try it soon its like 5 minutes from my place..!!
      I am a lil apprehensive of ordering from ebay.. but if I order will definitely take your reccos..!!!
      I bought those stickers a long time back and still have some with me.. will use them now, had forgotten about them completely..!!

      Matte topcoat.. now i have seen so many international bloggers using essies matte top coat but unfortunately dint saw it here..!! any reccos for that..??

      Happy to come across you.. i dont have even one tenth of your talent but I totally share your passion for nail art..!!!

      1. I did order from ebay, but I do not recommend it. My order was supposed to arrive within 14 days, but it took 2 months!

        Now I order from and their customer service is awesome! You have to order the matte topcoats online too. But hopefully, not anymore. Did you know L’oreal has recently taken over Essie, so we might start getting Essie in India soon(I hope).
        .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

        1. Wow… you have bucket loads of important information.. im following your blog for all the useful information and the beautiful nail art..!!!

    1. great.. will have a look at them whenever i go there.. they had such nice offers going on earlier i hope they bring some nice offer again..!!!

  7. @Rhea : i tried water marbelling tech… but failed everytime….. πŸ™
    do u use cold water or warm ??? or ny special type of nail polish ??

    1. I dunno, I use water at room temperature & it works fine. I use thinner polishes for marbling, thick ones don’t spread on the water properly. Also, older polishes might have lumps in them & won’t form an even layer on water.
      .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

  8. hi im liking the 1st & the 3rd one. very pretty. :-))
    Rhea why dont u teach us how to do water marbelling… wat say gals ????

    C every one is agreeing with me….. so waiting 4 the tutorial… 😎

    1. Hi Sush, I’ll need to grow my nails a little longer to try water marbling again. I can’t film a video for nuts, but I will try to do a photo tutorial once my nails grow out again. Till then, why don’t u check out Youtube, u will find a hundred videos on water marbling out there πŸ™‚
      .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Nail art with ORLY =-.

  9. God!! These are some stunning designs… never knew such a beautiful world of nail art existed! I thought one had to get them done at expensive salons.. Rhea is super talented. I’m inspired to try some of the simpler ones I found at her blog.. wish me luck πŸ˜€

  10. Hey Rhea lovely designs u got.. :)) me too love water marbelling.. Though I hate how tricky n frustrating it can get sum times but the results r amazing :))

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