Nail Paint Organizer

I organized my nail paints today, I thought I’d show you . 🙂 Actually it is more of a pretty dumping than organization. 😛 I got this jar from Good Earth and all I could think of was nail paints. This way I can see the colors I have and it looks pretty on my dresser. I guess I would have to get another one because this didn’t fit all my nail paints. How do you organize your nail paints? 🙂


nail paint organizer


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26 thoughts on “Nail Paint Organizer

  1. love you originality. 😀 It reminded me of someting I`d love to have icecream in – then I thought if all the nailpaints were blended in a swirl (not mixed , but individually in a swirl 😛 ) – it`s indeed look pretty 😛

  2. what a neat idea!!! 🙂 i’m gonna try somethin lik this wit vases/jars at home..mums gonna freak out though 😀 shs very particular about her deco pieces!

  3. you are really storage queen rati di and it is so sensible as you can see all colors. I store mine in tray and each time have to pick and find out the color!

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