Nail Paint Shades

Nail Paint Shades

Disclaimer: this is gonna be a fun post, if I tempt you with the images in this post; I am not responsible for your shopping sprees.  :tongue:

I was recently going through my nail paint collection I have around 25 of them now. I mean I pick them randomly and keep gifting my friends which ever color I get bugged with. 😛 (I know I’m useless, but its fine) They might not be those high end brands but I love them. 🙂

But I have few more on my wish list which I will be picking soon. Through this article I actually wanted to share with you all, different shades of the same color scheme. Let’s get started. 🙂

Neutral/Pastel Shades

nail paint shades neutral pastel

These are basically the ones I wear on a regular “bugged” day. I mean when I am blank and clueless with which shade to pick for the day.

Few shades are:
•    Baby pink
•    Milky White
•    Caramel
•    Grey
•    Pastel yellows

China Glaze: Lemon Fizz
Colorama: Toffee, Icing Sugar, Candy Frost, Green Park, redcurrant jelly
MAC: Earthly Harmony, Blissed Out, wham bam glam
Oriflame: Clover Haze, Baby Pink
Avon: White Daisy, Deep Lilac, perfectly fresh
OPI: San Tan-tonio, I Vant To Be A-Lone Star, Suzi Loves Cowboys, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
Lakme: 501, 504
Colorbar: Baby Pink, exclusive 4, exclusive 39
Illamasqua: Load


nail paint shades red

I am a very loud person; I mean I do not seriously need an occasion to flaunt my red nails. I have picks in the color red too. Red too has diverse and different shades, like the deep reds, blood reds, the shimmery ones, the matte ones and also the sheer ones, your pick is totally your choice.

Chanel: Le Vernis nail color
Avon: Fire cracker, Cool coral, Cherry red
Colorama: Candy Apple
MAC: Concubine
Lakme: 422
OPI: Red my fortune cookie, Color so hot it berns, Smok’n in Havana, Big Hair, Big Nails
Oriflame: Coral red, true red

Bright Pinks

nail paint shades pink

Now this is again one of my most favorite categories. Pink, has soo many layered colors that one cannot simply stop exploring them. I have around 7 pinks, all look similar but are different amazing na?

OPI: OPI Dim Sum Plum


nail paint shades blue

Frankly I love the color blue on my nails; I mean I have friends who hate it. The trick to flaunt blue is to pick the right shade of blue.

H&M: Blue in mind
Mac: Rain of flowers (my favorite), Ming blue
Colorama: party blue, electric blue, exclusive 15
Oryl: Gumdrop


nail paint shades purple

I have seen girls, actually avoiding this color on nails and lipsticks; this is one such cool and lovely color which anyone can carry off so well. 🙂

Colorama: dark Plum, Vibrant Fruscia, Berry Jam, Wonder violet
Avon: Romance, midnight plum, golden wine, Vamp it up
Oriflame: Pearly purple
OPI: Funky Dunkey, Houston we have a purple

Soft Metallics

nail paint shades metallics

I am not a metallic fan, but then for a change I do opt for them. I have just a couple of metallic shades; will pick few of them soon. 🙂

MAC: Studded
OPI: It’s Totally Fort Worth It, OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! Suede, Bling Dynasty


nail paint shades green

Greens are almost a taboo with nail paints, God knows why. I have around 3 greens.

Mac: Jade dragon
OPI: OPI Jade is the New Black
Colorbar: Apple martini


nail paint shades orange

I have just 2 orange nail paints, and I completely adore them.

MAC: Imperial flower
OPI: Ya’ll come back here, take the stage, hot n spicy, On the same Paige, In my back pocket
Colorama: Peach cocktail
Colorbar: Orange Mimosa 01


nail paint shades black

Black is everyone’s all time favorite. Mine too; I live in black nail paint.

MAC: Black enough (I don’t have words to say how much I love it)
Avon: Black beauty
OPI: Black Shatter
Lakme: 42

Fluorescent picks

nail paint shades fluorescent

These are the ones which I wear when I am out for a picnic or basically chilling out with friends.

OPI: Hoo Doo Voo Doo
My list is endless in this section, so I am not giving in a lot of names. Just a sample recommendation product.

There are tons and tons of brands and products available in the market, I seriously don’t know what to pick and what to leave.

My recommendation list simply won’t end, I have tried to cover up almost all the brands I have used and know, please comment down your preferences and likes in each shade segment. 🙂

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  1. I envy you Zeeba :yelo:
    I just want to get up right now,go to the market and buy the very same shades that you have ! Damn these exams :headbang:

  2. I ahve around 60 nail paints….and I just can’t get enuff with those…..I want moreeeee :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  3. OMG Zeeba! :woot: I never thought I could be so tempted by nail paints!! I love my red, pink and purple nail paints and I’ve always shied away from blue,green, yellow and grey. I’m definitely giving all these shades from your reccos a try!
    I loved your green, pastel and fluorescent collection! And the black striped nail art..did you do it yourself or got it done from a salon? My all time fav is dark red or wine colored nail paint. :lashes:

    1. oleeee baba..people…these are not my nails..i wish i had such nails.. 😛

      these are google images..i made a collage no.. 🙁

      but my recos are wt I have tired… 🙂

  4. :clap: :clap: :clap: zeeba on ur “mission successful” post… :woot: :woot: i already hav soo many nail paints n now cums this post to tempt me more. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: .i want all the pastel shades & the purples in these pics :happydance: :happydance: coz i hav more of glittery ones.. :haanji: :haanji:

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