My Nail Paints and Some Fun Nail Art

My Lovelies– Nail Paints and Some Colorful Nail Art

Hi girls! Ever since I was in school I have been having crazy affair with nail paints. My make-up vanity contained nothing more than compact powder and nail paints. That’s it! It was later in college that I started with eye liners, and now I have fallen head over heels in love with foundation, blush, and eye shadows; everything. I owned gazillion of nail paints during school days. I still do. Hence I am some what good when it comes to doing manicures and painting nails. Here, in this article, I’ll show you my nail paint collection and some pics of nail art (I have just started doing nail art). If you like any of these I’ll be glad to teach this nail art to you also.
I am crazy for brown shades; they go with almost everything! Hence I have mostly browns, followed by blue, pinks, and few bright colors. So here goes…

I have dedicated two shelves in my cupboard to arrange my lovelies. My cupboard is a mess. It needs some attention desperately. I’ll post my cupboard arrangement as soon as I am done.

Nail Paints 1
All my lovelies together.

Nail Paints 2
Nail Paints 2

Ok, above I have got (from left to right) – LAKME’s -103 Cappucino brown, Etude – power lasting Brown nail paint (SoME LOCAL BRAND I GUESS), AVON’s essentials – rose wine ( which everyone adores); iced orchid and grape storm

Below are my favourite Street Wear’s nail paints. Street wear has some beautiful shades when it comes to nail paints, affordable too.

Nail Paints 3
Nail Paints 3

From left to right – Pluto’s , Nothing, caramel brown, ice breaker and icy blue.

Nail Paints 4
Nail Paints 4

These are apna locally available well known – VOV nail paints. hehehe… the one on the extreme left actually cost me 100 bucks. I simply adore that deep purple shade. I think that that bottle must be genuine because that color doesn’t chip off; the green and sky blue color chips off easily, both the purple’s stay just fine, don’t chip off a bit.

Nail Paints 5
Nail Paints 5

Next comes pretty pinks- from the extreme left – NO. 7 ‘s frosted pink and glitter pink (a gift from my aunt from London. These are super good ones). Lotus’s color dew– Cozy mulberry, Eyetex dazzler– just got this one to experiment – it’s numbered DV7

Nail Paints 6
Nail Paints 6

The tiny bottle is Christian Dior’ rose petal 108 pastel pink (gift from aunt), next three belong to lakme- faint pink, clear glass and purple drop, last color is just some local brand black. I was crazy for this one during my degree college, now I hardly use this one… hehehe

Nail Paints 7
Nail Paints 7

Above is NO.7’S speed dry nail paint – 45 Bronzeberry. Its a deep red color and looks superb. It really does dry super fast which is what I love. Next two nail paints are Bonjour Paris professional, numbered 37 and 70 – ( duplicates of bonjouris paris I guess  but they work just fine- no chipping)

Now time for some of my nail art fun- hope you girls like it.

Nail Art 1
Nail Art 1
Nail Art 2
Nail Art 2
Nail Art 3
Nail Art 3
Nail Art 4
Nail Art 4
Nail Art 5
Nail Art 5


36 thoughts on “My Nail Paints and Some Fun Nail Art

  1. Rids………. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drooling over your nail art…… do you do the first one and last one…..also I am a crazy freak like you when it comes to nail polishes……….

  2. Wow .. so pretty nail art 🙂 🙂 🙂 i loved the 1st one most.. i have just 4 nail polishes and it seems ages i haven’t tried any new shade 🙁

    aww.. i feeling like going out right now to buy a few more shades.. 🙂

  3. ooooo..rids…awesum collection..
    loved it…etude is a very famous n nice brand…dey have gud lipsticks too..
    even i love my streetwear silver…
    n ur nail art…. 😯 😯
    its superb….loved all…!!

  4. Wow!!! thats all i can say!! love the first nail art and the last one!! i am going kinda crazy over nailpolishes myself recently..i own 12 now!! 😯 😯 !! i have a color similar to the eyetex dazzler DV7……

    please do a tutorial for the first nailart and the last one!! it looks so pretty and festive!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  5. hehehehe ….thnks everyone 🙂 … i ll definately do a tutorial for first one and last one very soon … right now i have cut my nails a bit … let em grow a bit and tthen we ll all learn these designs soon……..

    they re very easy . . . 🙂 thnks for appreciating

  6. Hi rids, nice collection n lovely nail art too.
    I’v recently started growing nails n hoarding nail paints of different colors. mostly different shades of pink.

  7. I really love your Nail Art – looks lovely :-* :-* :-*

    Also just wanted to say hello to everybody on IMBB, I am back from hell outa working weeks and sending you white, snowy Greetz from Germany. :rose: :rose: :rose: :heart:

  8. wow…so pretty nail art :-* :-* :-*
    loved the last one the most….:D 😀

    I also have a huge collection of nail paints….me drool over nail paints…than any other cosmetic… :giggle: :giggle:

  9. wadda collection :hypnotized: :hypnotized: and wata nail art :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    , i hardly have five six nail paints :-/ thinking to add somemore to ma kit :-)) :-))

  10. I want to ask IMBB gang a question-
    plz suggest me some matte blush without shimmer or glitter+their price also.
    I hv checked out lakme, colorbar, maybelline, all hv shimmer (i dont like)

  11. Wowwww.. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: Rids….Amazingggggggg!! Loved the first and the fourth one!!….You’ve got so soft soft and pretty hands!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  12. rids….applauses for the great work….and most importantly for making me interested in nail arts….to be honest i was never a big fan of nail art….i liked to keep it simple…but seeing your collection…i would love to art my nails….a big thanks to you dear!!!…..and ya…waiting for your tutorials…now that you have got great reviews for ur awesome work 😉 :shy: :cute: :yes:

  13. 😀 😀 he he he
    i am getting an adrenaline rush seeing ur collection
    u beat me girl…..
    loved it …..waiting for more

  14. hey rids, loved your nail art…specially the first pic.

    i recently got to know that it is important to apply base coat to avoid yellow nails and from sun damage and to give you an easy application of coloured nail paints…..but which brand to go for for a good base coat? and besides my toe nails surface are very uneven….i heard nail strengthing paint would help…so any idea on those too? who better than a nail paint addict to ask these question to… 😉

  15. Rids, pls do nail art tut very waiting..till then i’ll simple stare at those pics..I love them.. :love: :love:

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