Nail Color / Polish Shades for Fall/ Winter- OPI, China Glaze, Color Club

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Looking at nail polish swatches can be ever so helpful if you – just like me – purchase most of your polishes on the intenet. Looking at the color charts you can find on the homepages of various polish brands, you don’t really recieve an idea of the real color, furthermore, they often are pretty misleading. So being able to compare different polish swatches online, you are able to get a way more accurate picture to what the polish will be like. Next to shopping at various beauty stores and drugstores, I often purchase nail polish from american online shops. If you are not able to check out a color „in person“, all you can rely on are online swatches. But not only the swatches can be a real saver, also various brand reviews, or previews regarding new collections can be an important shopping information as well as a helpful tool to create a shopping list months in advance (not to mention the financial planning… or even the fun looking at upcoming collections).
Of course it does require some time to do your homework and browse the net for swatches, so don’t feel bad if you’re just giving in to your cravings and order right here and right now, it does happen to me too . 🙂

nail polish

Speaking of right here – right now:
I wasn’t able to check for swatches online in advance, as I had a really busy summer schedule, so I just went ahead and ordered the following polishes from my favourite online store. I just had some wild spontaneous fun picking out colors that I liked and placing all those little gems in my shopping basket.
Yes, it’s official: I am a Laquer Head and I can’t help it.

Right now I am in utter love with the new fall/winter collections with their intense color schemes and shimmering finishes. So I am not minding too much if I do realize lateron that some colors are not like I had pictured them, or if I picked a dupe of a color I already own. To be honest, I would mind a lot more if I pick the wrong colors when shopping for pastel colors or romantic themed, soft polishes. Of course my credit cards and my paypal account are more than thankful if I don’t strain them by purchasing dupes or odd colors, but when it comes to those marvelous Fall/Winter colors, I guess they can manage 😉

So here comes my order:

Nail Paints
OPI Diva of Geneva – OPI Lucernetainly Look Marvelous – OPI Cuckoo for this Color (all Swiss Collection Fall 2010) – China Glaze Midnight Mission – China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald – China Glaze First Class Ticket – China Glaze Jitterburg (all Vintage Vixen Collection Fall 2010) – Color Club Snakeskin (Untamed Luxury Collection Fall 2010).

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OPI Diva of Geneva This polish belongs to a color spectrum that I actually over the years collected a lot of polishes from. If you start to collect several polishes that belong to the same color family, you automatically start to look for subtle differences between those polishes, as well as differences in quality, meaning the durability of a polish, quality of application, etc.

So regarding these points of criteria, Diva of Geneva does have the potential to become a real classic. The polish as a deep, cool burgundy color with purple undertones, micro shimmer and an incredible brilliance in color.

OPI Lucernetainly Look Marvelous is a grey toned silver polish with both, micro and fine silver colored reflecting particles with a micro hint of green.

OPI Lucernetainly Look Marvelous
OPI Lucernetainly Look Marvelous

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The base color reminds of China Glaze’s Jitterbug, but the color shimmers differently and due to the larger sized reflecting particles it captures sourrounding colors a lot better. Plus, the blueish portion of the base color is not as strong as in Jitterburg. Due to that, Lucernetainly Look Marvelous seems more smokey and not as cool and clear. Jitterbug’s base color is silvery grey with bluish undertones, combined with a really fine silvery white shimmer, which makes the base color reflect like it’s a silvergrey or dark silvery color.

OPI Lucernetainly Look Marvelous vs China Glaze
OPI Lucernetainly Look Marvelous vs China Glaze

So both colors do look fairly alike, but there are still enough minor differences to not declare them exact dupes.

Looking OPI Cukcoo for this Color and CG Emerald Fitzgerald have a whole different story.

nail polish

nail polish

OPI Cukoo vs CHina Glaze
OPI Cukoo vs CHina Glaze

After a quick look, both do seem identical. Even after more closer looks, you are not able to make out any difference at all. Depending on different lighting, one of the colors might contain just a whee bit more of the blue reflecting particles, but I am not even sure if that really ist the case or if it is just the different lighting. So both polishes feature a beautiful, cool dark forest green with blue undertones as well as a subtle blue shimmer effect. So if you’re looking for a color like that, I would recommend to go with the favorised Brand . If you do not care the Brand and want to save money, China Glaze’s polish, since it is less expensive.

CG Midnight Mission A deep nightblue color, enriched by millions of fine, silverywhite shimmerparticles.

CG Midnight Mission
CG Midnight Mission
CG Midnight Mission
CG Midnight Mission

Thanks to that, depending on the light, it changes from a really dark nightblue/black to a beautiful dark blue denim color. To be honest, I am not a real fan of blue polishes, unless they are really unique in some way. Midnight Mission is really unique, due to the fact that it contains just the right amount of shimmering particles to make it look interesting, yet sophisticated, so thumbs up fort his nightblue hue.

CG First Class Ticket – a beautiful dark purple color. Purple and violet hues (as well as reds and pinks) are quite difficult to capture on camera.

CG First Class Ticket
CG First Class Ticket
CG First Class Ticket
CG First Class Ticket

Most of the time it’s just impossible to capture the true color hue. First Class Ticket is a true purple (meaning the red portion is less dominant), with really subtle microshimmers in blue and light pink. Truly a color to fall in love with. Not that I don’t have enough purples and violets in my stash, but I don’t mind at all picking up this real beauty.

Last but not least, CC Snakeskin which a is definitely my favorite out of this order.

CC Snakeskin
CC Snakeskin
CC Snakeskin
CC Snakeskin

It also features a silverygrey base color, but it does contain golden shimmerparticles which give the polish a somehow magical effect. The polish somehow seems like a smokey grey, but depending on the light, is it a smokey grey with silvery reflects or is it a smoky grey with golden reflects that turn the color to dark, almost greyish gold? Or is it something completely different? You can’t really tell, you just go ahead and keep looking just to find out it is all those colors in one. So this polish truly features everything you could want: A cool name, a truly unique color and the perfect Color Club polish formula.

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41 thoughts on “Nail Color / Polish Shades for Fall/ Winter- OPI, China Glaze, Color Club

  1. I liked the CG First class ticket. :inlove:
    Although i am not a fan of such nail paints which i have a bitter of glitter – I like matte 🙂 and the glossy ones
    I really liked the first class ticket.
    You’re so lucky that you get it there. :pissedoff:
    We do get OPI in Mumbai , but it’s for Rs.550 🙁
    That amount will fetch me a top and a pair of footwear,
    or maybe a nice handbag. :chic:
    But i so want to get them.
    Arghh! 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥
    .-= Giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  2. Well ty everybody for your nice comments :-))

    First I have to ask Rati why there are some photos missing – guess they were too big or to many or something like this 😉 Maybe I have to send them in other size next time 🙂

    @ Gia
    Comparing to the US OPI is quite expensive here, too.
    I order my OPIs, CGs, CCs, Essies, DCs, SOPIs, NUBARs and so on nail polishes in the US; even with the high shipping costs the laquer is less expensive th. here. But it does not compare to the prize of a top & footwear 😯 OPI laquer is about 2 to 3 € cheaper here th MAC laquer is. I have no idea how it is about taxes/dues in India but I heard they are very high.
    That may explain the high OPI prize in India…

    @ Neha
    Lucky you! It´s 15 degrees Celsius here, and it´s raining 😥
    We did not have a nice summer, too – it was rainy and… well not nice 🙁

    Thank you so much :-))

  3. Hi Tatjana,

    Rati couldn’t put some photos because she could not figure out which position in article did they belong to. If you can send an email indicating where in the article they are to be placed, it would be great. 🙂

  4. There isn’t a single shade that I don’t like from your collection. I totally loved the OPI Cukoo and China Glaze Emerald. CC snakeskin is outstanding. I have never seen a color like this so far. Beautiful..We do have OPI here but I have not seen China Glaze here in my area. But I am surely going to hunt for dupes. Brilliant picks I must say. :yes: :yes:

    1. Ty Rati 🙂 I deleted my cookies – now I have to wait for my answers to appear 😀
      CG is a really nice brand, they have tons of interesting colors and they launch limited edition regulary. There is not really need to say anything about OPI – very good brand. I consider CC to have a similar quality but CC is less expensive.

      1. I wonder if we get all shades of OPI here because generally it’s available at nail art salons. So I guess they would pick up shades what they like and not according to collections. The only reason I have not picked up OPI uptil now is the price. It’s quite expensive for a nail polish, atleast in India.

  5. gr8 shades.. but dont know where to get them frm… means here..can luk for sum similar ones in other available brands though.. :-))

    1. It´s always interesting to have a “dupe-list”, I agree 🙂
      And what a mess when you find an almost exactly dupe on one of your green or purple or blue or or or wheels and then recognize that you didn´t list the name of the polish :silly:

  6. :chewnails
    Looking at all those lovely greens and greys makes me want to get myself some…Haa….All my money will get spent on nail paints,it seems. :waiting:

  7. Hi,
    Stumbled upon this site while trying to find where to buy China Glaze nailpaints online! 🙂
    Im from Bangalore…so could u plz recommend a safe/good website to order nailpaints from?


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